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Confused about the symptoms and side-effects of Crohn's and Prednisone-Need help please

I am recovering from a severe Crohn's Colitis flareup.

I am taking 15 milligrams a day of Prednisone (down from 40 Mg).
I am also on the Carnivore diet eating zero fiber and minimal carbs.

I am confused because the symptoms of Crohn's and some of the side-effects of Prednisone can overlap:

I have gained 23 Lbs and my abdomen has become very bloated with some dull and annoying but manageable on and off pain in the lower right quadrant (where the appendix is), but I have had cramps on the left side of my lower abdomen-I have had better formed bowel movements, but still get constipation and diarrhea on and off-My energy levels are much better and when I DO have blood in the stool, its bright red.

And my only symptom of any appendix problems is the on and off dull aching pain, but no fever but on and off chills which Predisone and the my Crohns-induced anemia can cause.

No nausea, the constipation and diarrhea were around long before the abdominal pain, no fever and when I push into the area of my appendix, no pain when I release it-I also have some pain on the lower left side of my abdomen-Is this from the bloating that Prednisone can cause?

Most of my weight gain has been in my lower abdomen and its POSSIBLE that between the MULTIPLE bowel movements over the last several months and the fat pulling on the abdominal area, the nerves are very sensitized.

How can I tell the difference between my Crohn's symptoms and the side-effects of the Prednisone?

I just want some peace of mind, because over the last seven months, I've looked up every big and small symptom of Crohn's and the side-effects of Prednisone.

Its confusing because I'm on the Carnivore diet, am tapering off of Prednisone and I'm just trying to get some peace of mind.

The only other medications I am on are:

Klonopin 1/2 milligram as needed.
Extra strength Tylenol as needed.

No surgeries or medical devices.
I had Remicade therapy over three-years ago.