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I'm confused about something.I'm supposed to take pentasa 4 times a day.I'm not supposed to have vitamin supplements within 2 hours before and some time after but yet I have to take calcium pills.I still havent figured out good spacing to fit all 4 times for pentasa in much less when on earth I'll be able to take the calcium.Any advice?I'm not good with schedules.


Speak with your doctor about the best time to take things. I am pretty sure calcium is best when taken with food, but pentasa does not need to be taken with anything.

It is best to ask for confirmation.
It does not have to be exactly a two hour spacing. You could do about an hour and a half. You just have to remember to take it. That way you have at least two hours to take your pills. Expecially if you are in anyway like me, I set an alarm and then wait about a half hour before taking my pills.

Good luck


I agree with Jeff D. Also You dont really have to take pentasa 4 time a day. Are you taking the 250mg capsules or 500mg? You can always take them twice a day, and that would make it easier to take the vitamins. and also what about tums...you can always use that as calcuim...I'm sure they can be taken with pentasa. Which by the way I've never heard this at all.