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I currently have a rectovaginal fistula leaking feces and gas most of the day. I am not sure if it was acquired during my hysterectomy in 2010 or if my colon was damaged before the surgery and things just intensified when my uterus was removed. I have had years of gas, diarrhea, etc (and when I was young) weight loss. Now one doctor said he may remove part of my colon. Other doctors have done nothing so I am totally confused, angry, and most of all lonely and isolated because it is impossible to go anywhere due to my embarrassment.

I am desperately seeking emails from people who can understand. I am interested in hearing about surgeries others have had. Thank you so much.

Help needed/desperate.


Naples, Florida
Greetings and welcome :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your problems, that must be terrible, you poor thing :(

Have you been diagnosed with any underlying conditions? Do you have any symptoms other than the fistula? Why is he wanting to remove your colon specifically?

With those questions out of the way, we do have an abscess and fistula support forum you may want to check out. We also have a private forum for the women located here where they MAY be talking about such things, I don't know for sure.

I hope things turn around for you soon. All my best to you.

I believe that it may be diverticulitis but my information has been unreliable since I have tried five doctors so far since discovering the fistula.

Prior to the hysterectomy, tho, I always thought that I was mis-diagnosed because about 30 years ago, my gas and diarrhea were accompanied by weight loss and getting sick and collapsing on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night. Since doctors told me that 'if I would relax, it would go away,' I just gave up on finding help. Now that I have had the hysterectomy, I feel that they have to listen to me about the fistula.

Thank you so much for your response. I will seek all the groups you mentioned.


Naples, Florida
If I'm not being too nosy (just trying to help) why did you have the hysterectomy? Have you had a colonoscopy, CT Scan, endoscopy, small bowel follow through, or any like tests?

You are not being 'nosy.' I wish doctors would show that kind of interest and ask questions. I had the hysterectomy for fibroids and 'hygenic' reasons since I didn't want heavy blood all over. If I had known, I would have preferred that over what I currently leak.

I have had various sonograms and a colonoscopy. I am pushing my doctors to use a test which involves using dye on a tampon to look at the rectum and vaginal vault. It seems like a very accurate test that they haven't tried. I will not stop until they get it right. Thanks for your interest.


Hi there, I just wanted to say welcome to the forum :bigwave: I really hope you can get some answers soon and help with the fistula, the above mentioned forum is definelty a place to have a look at if you have not already done so.

Wishing you well soon hun