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Constant snacking!!Diet help..

Hi guys for years now I've been a constant snacker.
I tend to eat every few hours and try to avoid large meals,one of the things I snack on alot is crips,I eat about 5 packets aday just to try and maintain a decent weight.
My diet is pretty good apart from the crips I juice all my fruit and veg everyday and drink two litres of water a day along with two ensure drinks.
Question is I'm trying to gain weight but worried about the five bags of crisps a day,any good healthy alternatives to keep a steady weight?
Avocado! They are easy to pack and take to work or wherever, great for snacking, and full of healthy fats! I like to eat them by themselves with a spoon, or with cold leftover chicken and cheese.
Smooth peanut butter and nut butters are healthy and have lots of calories. Avoid the kind that have icing sugar. I just buy the kind that has peanuts as ingredients, nothing else. Can you tolerate cheese? Cheese and crackers makes a nice snack. Chocolate soy milk tastes really good and has about 150 calories per cup. I would worry about the amount of salt in the crisps. People tend to eat too much salt to begin with. Have you been to a dietician?
What about nutrition drinks? Fortisip do a high calorie one. 5 packets of crisps not good for you. I have one packet a day for the salt as my electrolytes are out of wack.
What about cheese and crackers? Perhaps a few slices of toast with butter and topping of your choice. I like marmite or a cheese spread, but a seedless jam would be a good idea. Eggs are pretty good and easy too. You can easily scramble eggs in the microwave or on the stove top. They are my go-to breakfast if I have the time.

Other good snacks can be milkshakes or yoghurt if you can tolerate dairy. Fruit juices are also good with vitamins and can pack a few calories. I would eat peanut or almond butter too if I liked it, but I hate them with a passion.