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Constantly feeling the need to empty bowels.

My wife has Crohn's

She has a constant feeling that she needs to empty her bowels. When she goes to the washroom she usually hardly gets a few drops of liquid. This happens on and on and on. Then, once every couple of days she has an almost normal stool. Because of constant liquid coming out of her behind, she also has occasional "leaks".

We are not sure what it is (and the doctor does not seem to be sure how to deal with it either.). He suspects it is due to inflamations. My wife is on Humira and now added cortifoam once a day. She also takes some (not much) Metamucil in the hope it will "give a shape" to the stool and also "lubricate" its exit if stuck somewhere inside - if this is the actual problem.

Anyone else has/had such symptoms? What could be the cause? How does one deal with this?

Any help would be appreciated.
PS: i am a member of this forum and not my wife as I try to spare her reading some of the really, really sad stories. :-(
Sounds a lot like where I am now. Just started Cortifoam myself. Is it helping her at all?

In my case, it is because or rectal and perianal disease. The way my doctor put it is the rectum isn’t currently functioning as a reservoir so any time there is something in there, it wants to come out. Hopefully the foam helps. Really only way to make it better is to get disease under control.