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Constantly hungry??? anyone else had this?

#little bit of background#

I have UC ... and have had for about 10 years (only diagnosed 2 years ago).
I take pentasa suppositories, loperamide hydrocloride, co-codamol and prescribed yesterday * mezavant 1200mg x2 a day ... and also sachets of fybogel. (i haven't started these yet)

Recently i have been very hungry most of the time. I have put on weight to a weight i have never been... I'm not sure about the whole remission thing but stools have been a bit better formed sometimes.
I did see my family doctor yesterday and he has put me on the things above* until my review with the GI next month, because i'm getting mucus and pain.
But when i mentioned about this strange feeling of hunger ... he didnt really say anything. So i was wondering does anyone else have this? Don't get me wrong ... i've wanted to feel like food and put on weight for years... but it's really quite annoying as i feel rough when i'm hungry... so feel rough and worn out a lot... It's also getting expensive! and i suppose i'm just not used to the weight... especially around my stomach.

any help or stories would be great!
hi p2p, hope you don't mind but your name's a mouthful.
I was just wondering is it hunger or just a lot of noise? the only time I was soooooo hungry was when I was on pred.
I relate to extra weight and ive been this way all my life, a stone or 2 overweight. im always fighting a battle with those extra stones.
having mucous and pain means you're definitely not in remission but not far from it. maybe the mezavant might clear that up for you.
where is your UC located and how often are you using the suppositories?
Not getting enough water can also make you feel like you are hungry even when your body has gotten enough nutrition. You might need more water.

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I don't know about being constantly hungry. But, I have been hungry more often. Sometimes this has happened to me when I've started feeling better and my flares have begun going down. Basically for me, this means that my body is trying to start recovering from being sick.
Thanks for the replies! my UC is in the rectum and sigmoid... and am supposed to be taking 2 suppositories a day but just have 1 at night usually. (it's awkward to do if i'm out)
Thanks 2thfairy maybe i should be drinking more water. I'm pretty sure it is actually hunger. The noises come more when i've just eaten but quite random. I thought it was very strange to be putting on weight as i've been under weight for about 12 years.... hopefully it is all a sign of me getting better.
The mezavant seems to be making a difference already i think... or maybe i've had a few not so bad days anyway... thank you all.... i'm off to have a glass of water ;-)