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Constipation! Can't take much more of this!

For most of this past week, I have been feeling pretty constipated. I am able to go, but not all that the same time. A little will come out, then I will go later and more will come out, then by the end of the day, it will all come out, but each time I have to push and strain. I have been taking a laxative and that works, but I know I can't keep taking them. I am trying a stool softener today so see if that helps. :poo:

My GI put me on a new diet, but I really have not changed my eating that much other then staying away from processed food and I have been eating more fruit and veggies too.

On the other hand, I did just have part of my colon resectioned about 6 weeks ago. I will be able to resume exercise again this week too, so that may help as well. I have been pretty active though, even in my recovery.

Thanks everyone and Happy Easter!