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Constipation during pregnancy

Hi all,

I am 19w3d pregnant and am going through the WORST constipation ever! I have always been on the constipated side with my crohns but now with pregnancy on top of that, its crazy.

I have tried prune juice, only eating fruits and vegetables, bananas, dried apricots...

I don't know what else to try (without going to laxatives which I would like to avoid if possible)... Does anyone have any ideas that I could try PLEASE? :D

congrats on your pregnancy :)
I have the exact same problem, havent found any miracle cure yet. Prunes and other things that works for others havent done it for me. If I go more than 9 days I do take dulcolax, when I cant take it anymore. But the last time I took it I had such belly pain for several days that I hope that wont be necessery again while being pregnant. It seems that dulcolax while pregnant is harder for the system, at least thats my experience.
Good Luck!! Hope you find something that works and share :) Ill follow this post
Double check with your doctor fist but we used to put our patients on Mirlax. It is very gentle on the system and should not cause stomach pain. But please consult your doctor prior to taking anything.
Cascara sagrada is an herb I took while pregnant. I have the same problem. You can find it online. Good luck!