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Constipation post resection

I'm almost 6 weeks post surgery and for the past 2 weeks have been becoming increasingly constipated. I'm drinking lots of water and eating tons of fruits and veggies, but having a BM only every 2-3 days. I expected things to go the other way after having 50 cm of my small intestine removed. Has anyone else had this? Should I call my GI or the surgeon? Or wait....I see the surgeon on the 24th.


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Hi. Are you still on pain meds? I'd give the doc a call. You may need something to help get things going.
Are you having anyother symptoms?
I wonder whether you are trying to eat too much fibre too soon. I would recommend going low fibre or fluids only, stopping all pain meds with the exception of paracetamol and going for a walk. If things don't improve contact your doctor.
I am not on any meds. Haven't taken pain meds in 3 weeks. I've been quite active sice coming home. Walking almost every day, plus chasing my 3 children ;). For the first few weeks things were quite loose.

Daisy, could too much fibre really do that? I'm trying to cut back on sugar and wheat, so thought that as long as I was tolerating it, the fruits and veggies would be a good thing.
I suspect it might be a bit early for too much fibre. After my last resection, eating apples made me vomit in the early days. The problem with fibre is it can block you as it is difficult to digest when your bowel is still recovering. I would just ease off fibre and introduce things gradually.


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I was on a low fibre diet until I went back to my 8 week follow up with the surgeon. The discharge sheet they gave me mentioned that constipation may be an issue and recommend milk of magnesia and colace, the surgeon recommended lax a day (polyethleyne glycol laxative - this seems to be a go to for my surgeon and GI). I did use some mineral oil post resection, found it worked the best.