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Constipation with a Stoma

Hey guys...
Just had to share this with someone, but have any of you had bad constipation with a stoma?

I've been getting constipated a lot lately, and MAN does it hurt when it is about to come out. Its like the worst crohns pain... but its not crohns pain... Kinda how i imagine contractions feel like. Is it like this for anyone else?

So lame! Not used to being constipated... Any tips?

xx Charlotte


Charlotte, I've heard of a few folks with constipation problems with colostomy's. You can 'irrigate' it actually. But, I think the stoma nurse will have to show you how the first time.

I bet that is painful!!! Damnation, I dont envy you.
Nope you definitely can! And it SUCKS! I don't know if people with an ileostomy can get constipated but i have a colostomy which means i still have some large intestine. Oh and Misty, have you ever irrigated? It kinda freaks me out. blergh! lol


No I havent irrigated! But I reckon it must be like just jetting some water in there. I'd try the stool softeners first! Did you ring the stoma nurse yet?