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Consumer info regarding Imuran vs Azasan

So I just wrote a blog post about which companies manufacture the most popular drugs that the IBD community uses. The post is called An Underestimated Risk to the IBD Community: Drug Companies.

What I learned is that Salix Pharmaceuticals makes Azasan and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) makes Imuran. (I didn't look into the generic manufactures of azathioprine at all.) So the difference between Salix and GSK, in terms of corporate responsibility, is like night and day. GSK has many felony convictions from all sorts of different frauds (hiding safety data, false claims, bribery, and on and on). Salix, on the other hand, doesn't appear to have any criminal convictions.

I know it's a small thing to point out but us consumers of prescription drugs often don't have a choice.

I used to take Imuran and I once asked my physician if he would prescribe the generic and he happily did. Hopefully a physician wouldn't have an issue if you said you'd rather not support GSK. :)
Wow good info. I'll read the blog post shortly. It is really hard to hold pharmaceutical companies responsible by boycotting their products like we so with food. In this case I'm glad my kid is taking the generic Imuran.

There is another thread about which is more effective which really muddies the waters if you have to chose based on effectiveness. Crossing my fingers azathioprine continues to show signs of working for her.