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Continuation of the discussion with Drs. Mark Davis and Vincent van Unen of Stanford University

In the video, we continue a conversation our board recently had with Dr. Mark Davis and Dr. Vincent van Unen of Stanford University, who are seeking to identify the T cells specific to disease driving antigens in Crohn's. Propel a Cure is a proud sponsor of this project. Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear insights from scientists on the front lines of Crohn's disease research.

If you already viewed the first segment about organoids, which we posted last month, you can fast-forward to 10:34 in order to view the remainder of the program.

Dr. Davis is a world-renowned scientist and came very close to winning the Nobel prize for his work on T-cells. What I like is that he doesn't make any false promises and says they will go where the science takes them. Yet, it is hopeful!

I watched it twice very interesting, more comments from people with crohns would be great.

sounds like 2021 will be interesting for some hopefully new results on crohns.

I do wonder how this works in terms of what is found.

Do the results get published then it's up to big pharma to develop drugs, they can then charge what they like for the drugs after getting insight on what to develop from donated money to research.?

Should be some clause, that if pharma develop drugs based on x results profit must only be x amount.

I actually think the scientists should get a much bigger pay out than pharma.