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Coombs Test anyone had one?

Basically, been having slightly elevated bilirubin for years on and off usually only mildly elevated. Twice this year it's been way up high apparently (126 and 130 something) and so they've done all liver tests (normal) and reticulocyte count (normal). All FBCs as far as I've been told always normal no issues re haemoglobin or similar. They've done a coombs test and told it's very weakly positive. If course I've googled this (I know) and read about Hemolytic anemia so now wondering if got to put up with that alongside Crohn's. Interestingly enough some studies have shown that biologics like Humira (which I'm on) can cause it? Hopefully goes once treatment discontinued. Anyone had anything like this??
I tested positive on Coombs's Test. They have investigated my bloodwork and said that I have auto-immune hemoloytic anemia (warm). It can be caused by crohn but will go away when the disease is under control. It destroys your hemoglobin too early.

I use Stelara