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Had a loop ileostomy placed in January and today during a bag change was the first time I saw the distal opening function. At first I freaked out thinking something was wrong, but it was just mucus. Read up a little bit more and found out this was normal. Totally trippy!!!!!
Wow 2th Fairy.
I had a similar reaction after one of my surgeries when I had to have my wound packed. The 1st time I saw inside my tummy I freaked for about 5 second then curiosity took over & I had another look. I felt strange about it all day but glad I looked.
I don't think much shocks me anymore. How are you doing now?
I'm with Misty on this. Pictures? lol.
OMG, I wish I had pictures.... this time, sadly I do not. I have so many pictures and videos of Bob doing all sorts of things, but not this time.

Crabby, the mucus is just from the small intestine doing its usual thing of producing mucus. I pass mucus out my rear all day, but this is the first time I've seen it coming from the opposite side of the loop ileostomy, the side that doesn't have any feces.

I thought I had a hole in the bottom of the stoma and panicked, but kept watching it. It had its own peristalsis separate from Bob proper. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it again.
Because the useful bit if my stoma was quite big u couldn't see the non-functioning end very well. When the stoma started to shrink I suddenly saw a dark hole in the wound, little did I know this was old poop in my colon (yuk!) which was now becoming exposed. I used a cotton bud to removed. Saw some more yesterday and after quite a bit of over zealous cleaning removed a grape-sized piece of clay-poop :-S
Y'know, I reckon that most of the members of this Forum could cope with virtually anything at all after what they've been through. :p

And imagine talking to your friends about scooping old poop out of the bit of your intestines that is coming out of your stomach. :rof: