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Corneal ulcer


Naples, Florida
Hey Nyx, I hope you don't mind (let me know if you do) but I changed the thread title to corneal ulcer in case anyone skimming is drawn to that a little better. I'd love for you to be able to connect with someone else who has been in the same boat and that *might* help.


UPDATE: Had an appointment with the specialist today and my ulcer is finally healing!!! And it's only been 7 weeks....lol


Crohnsforum Science Advisor
Nyx, I am glad your corneal ulcer is healing. It is common for the cornea to take a long time to heal primarily because ethere are no blood vessels in the cornea (at least there should not be any blood vessels in the cornea). If there were, you would not be able to see through it. :) The cells pass nutrients through pore-like channels between cells so it takes far longer.


Yet another update:

It's been 10 weeks and I still have the ulcer *sigh*...but, the good news is that I have no more infection :) So, still on the antibiotic ointment every three hours and drops 4x a day. Sigh...I just wish it would heal already!!! I was supposed to start college again this week but can't with my impaired vision. Oh how I love thee Crohn's...bah!!!
I'm sorry you're suffering with ulcers in your eye. I also had corneal ulcers as well as scleritis in both my eyes from Crohn's. Scleritis healed quicker, but the corneal ulcers took a good 2 weeks to heal. My vision wasn't permanently affected. Good luck and hope you're healed up fully soon!