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Corona Virus

Anyone on immunosuppressive medication currently a bit concerned about the current corona virus outbreak?


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New York, USA
Not particularly, especially since I do not have any plans to travel to China etc....however, I will be flying out of JFK this Sunday - planning on staying away from anyone who even looks sick!
San Diego
I think they will get this virus under control the same way they did the SARS outbreak (SARS was also a coronavirus) back in 2003-04 - by tradtional public health measures such as face masks, hand washing, quarantine, patients treated under isolation/containment conditions, travel retrictions, and good old-fahioned cleaning up of places where the virus can spread.
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Felt a bit fluish then went to the doctor and he said it was nothing to worry about. Need to remind myself that the other normal bugs/flu/colds are still out there!
I'm watching it, but not overly concerned. Much the same way I monitor flu reports during the fall and winter. I can't take a flu shot, so I take as many precautions as I can. I wash my hands many times a day and try to avoid being in close contact with people as much as possible.
That is good advice Mountaineer, thanks. Yes, all the other flus etc are still out there.

Thanks for the link Scipio. it has been bookmarked.
I forgot to add one more thing: don't plan on making a trip to China anytime soon and don't have close contact with anyone who has traveled there recently.