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From what I've seen on my statements, each bag is priced overall at 20K. I pay $600 of that. I am with Tri-Care though, so I'm sure it varies with each insurance. I hope this helps!
I use Entyvio Connect and pay $5. I also pay $42.50 after insurance but I also get Lidocaine before the IV and it is additional. The first few are expensive because it is infused so frequently but after it is every 8 weeks.
If you're on Medicare, it covers 80% and your supplement picks up the rest.

I've just completed my three loading doses and now I go 8 weeks. It appears the psoriasis I was suffering with Humira might be easing.

Also maybe I might be getting slightly better at dealing with an infrequent coffee and an even more infrequent ice cream. Yes!

Ron, did you get everything researched and eventually start on Entyvio?
I'm on Medicare. The supplement did not pick it up. It was going to be a $1000 copay each time. I got financial assistance thru Entyvio.
Same here. My insurance wanted me to go through other cheaper treatments first. My doctor disagreed and Entyvio picked up the cost.
ENTIVYO cost is $8,000.00 per infusion. Medicare does not cover it through Plan D meds plan. I have Medicare Straight A,B,D. also a Suplementary plan F..No commercial insurance. So, I do not qualify for assistance. Anyways I am not doing any injections. I will be using MSM for flares. I also have high carbs diet, no sugars at all. Hopefully the Chrons stays stable as of now. I eat very smalls meals. Avoid irritants. In my good days I follow my cravings, never over eat.
Humira did not work. I had short term memory loss, yeast all over my body, liver cyst. I did stop it, Never again any injections that lowers the inmune system and other medical problems starts manifesting. Keep you all abreast..