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Could this be described as a flair...?

I feel a lot luckier than some on here as I don't suffer from diarrhoea and have periods where I almost feel normal. However, the last couple of weeks the fatigue is back and I have been in a really bad mood. I am trying to work through it but wondered if it could go down as a flair? My guts are relatively OK. I am not on any medication at the moment as my last MRI didn't show any active inflammation. My Crohn's is in the small bowel so scopes don't really show anything. Thanks for any replies and advice.
San Diego
If your main symptom is fatigue I suggest you get tested for anemia and any vitamin deficiencies.

If you are not on any maintenance medication to keep your Crohn's in remission then you are definitely at greater risk of a flare. Has your CRP gone up?
+1 on getting tested for vitamin deficiencies. Come to find out, I had two (D and B12, which is common in people with Crohn's). A monthly B12 shot and a prescription Vitamin D supplement has worked wonders in the fatigue department.


As my Crohn's is in the small bowel, my calprotectin is always elevated so my doctor said it's not worth doing this any more.
My daughter crohn's is in small bowel, the calprotectin does go up with inflammation in the small bowel just not a much for the large bowel. 600 is very high for her and a controlled reading is under 200.