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Covid and immunosuppression meds

Hello everyone, 👋
I hope everyone has been safe and in good health.
I was just wondering how many people have had covid with immunosuppression medications? (Azathioprine etc)
What was your experience?
And do you shield/be careful still?
I've been pretty much shielding the whole time except for very select appointments/meet ups etc. I find I have to risk assess everything now.
I would love to hear everyone's experiences.


Staff member
New York, USA
I'm on Remicade, vaccinated, and ended up with Covid last April - was nothing more than a head cold to me.

I use hand sanitizer more than I used to, but I don't go overboard. I go out to eat, shop, been working the entire time full time with lots of OT (At Covid testing and vaccination sites, a prison for a while on and off during the beginning.....

At this point i figure if I'm going to get it I will...I don't go out of my way to be around sick people however and do wear a mask at doctors offices or where requested.