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Covid vaccination for teen kid


Did any of you got your teen vaccinated?
Myself & my husband had very bad reactions to covid vaccine (Pfizer). We both had very sore & swollen lymph nodes (on our neck).
We had it for 10 days and were not able to move our neck. It was really really bad.
I had to get an ultrasound of my lymph nodes. The report indicated.., I might have metastatic cancer.
Repeat ultrasound after 6 weeks indicated., normal lymph nodes.

So, I am really worried to get the vaccine for my Crohn's teen. How was your kids experience with the vaccine?
My daughter didn't have any problem with her vaccine (Moderna). Her arm was a little sore for a couple of days after the first shot, and she didn't have any side effects from the second shot. My husband and I both had Pfizer without any side effects, and my younger daughter (also Pfizer) felt a little flu-y for one day after her first shot. I'm sorry that you and your husband had such strong reactions.

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My Dh and I both got moderna- For dh he was really tired after the first shot - nothing after second shot . Me nothing after first shot and minor rash 24 hours after the second . Both kids got pzfier injections -nothing at all after either shot .
Everyone is different in how their immune system reacts

We were told it was highly recommended for ds (he also has had anaphylactic reactions to multiple meds ) but no reaction to the Pfizer shot not even a red mark at the injection site . Immunosuppressed kids are at higher risk of covid complications.

Ds will now participate in the unc study I posted above to see if he has antibodies and how effective those are .

fwiw dh had swollen lymph nodes with DTAp vaccine (tetanus combo ) more than 25 years ago
But both kids got the same vaccine as toddlers and teens without any issues

the ability to react is passed down but not What you react too.
Dh is allergic to lots of stuff including bananas
While Ds is allergic to tree nuts and fish

similar but not the same
My Crohn's son just got his second dose of Pfizer today. Mild sore arm after first dose. Our GI said to get them vaccinated as soon as it was possible.
There's a real risk of myocarditis from the mRNA vaccines in young males. There will be other vaccines with fewer side effects soon, so I would wait.

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myocarditis is an extremely rare side effect for young males
There were 79 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis reported in teens ages 16 or 17 years after a second dose of vaccine, while the expected number was two to 19 cases, according to Dr. Shimabukuro. There were 196 cases in young adults ages 18-24 years, while eight to 83 were expected. The case rates per million doses for those age groups were 35 and 21, respectively.

“It’s a bit of an apples to oranges comparison because again these are preliminary reports,” Dr. Shimabukuro said. “Not all of these will turn out to be true myocarditis or pericarditis reports. The expected (cases) are based on published literature.”
so the rates are still per million doses given
The rate of an adverse event is much higher by just putting your kid in a car for a drive or getting out of bed

every single med has a risk including vaccines
Doing nothing has a risk
I prefer to do something
It's too early to know the actual rate. The estimate is based on currently identified cases and will rise as the situation is better understood.

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As you said it’s too early
The rate may not rise
It may even go down
You and I cant possible know what the rate will do since the top researchers in the country do not know
Either way it’s still too early

Add in mathematically the number of cases is not going to suddenly jump in the thousands
So even if it jumps to a few hundred
500 divided by 1 million is still a very tiny percentage

For my kid he was fine
He may even be protected
But I have seen what flu can do to asthmatics
And for my kid it was worth the risk of some unknowns
Versus watching your child struggle with each and every breathe
Like many I chose not to get my almost two year old child at the time the flu vaccine that year due to possible risks etc…
Early indications are that the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine will have lower side effects, and if we're lucky it will be available in a few months.

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Both my daughters got it, but both are young adults, over 18. The older one had very minor side effects - sore arm, fatigue but only for a day or so. My younger one had a harder time - she flared, but her IBD was not controlled when she had the vaccine. Her arthritis also flared. Besides that, she had a sore arm and low grade fever that lasted a couple days.
Her GI and rheumatologist have both said it's very uncommon to flare and both have only had one other patient who flared. Her GI actually had her delay the second dose so her IBD was under better control when she got the second vaccine and so with the second vaccine, her IBD did not flare. She got Pfizer, the older one Moderna.

I should add that she was VERY keen to get the vaccine, despite flaring and feels a lot safer now. Dealing with the side effects of the vaccine was a LOT better than dealing with COVID and a potential hospitalization. She was urged by her GI and rheumatologist to get the vaccine as soon as possible to keep her safe. I am sure your son will do ok - the way I look at it is that a new vaccine is scary, but COVID is a LOT scarier, especially for an immunosuppressed teen/young adult.


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New York, USA
My 16 year old DD received the Pfizer with just a sore arm after each shot. Husband and I also had Pfizer with the same reaction.....