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Covid vaccine antibody Home game for ibd

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For those curious
Of 2499 health care workers who received 2 doses of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines, 1647 participated in this study. A total of 688 were vaccinated with mRNA-1273 (mean age, 43.2 years; 76.7% women; 21.8% previously infected with SARS-CoV-2), and 959 with BNT162b2 (mean age, 44.7 years; 84.9% women; 13.2% previously infected).

Higher antibody titers were observed in participants vaccinated with 2 doses of mRNA-1273 compared with those vaccinated with BNT162b2 (geometric mean titer [GMT], 3836 U/mL [95% CI, 3586-4104] vs 1444 U/mL [95% CI, 1350-1544]; P < .001) (Figure, A).

Previously infected participants had higher antibody titers (GMT, 9461 U/mL [95% CI, 8494-10 539]) compared with previously uninfected participants (GMT, 1613 U/mL [95% CI, 1539-1690]) (P < .001). In both groups, those vaccinated with mRNA-1273 had higher antibody titers compared with those vaccinated with BNT162b2 (previously uninfected: GMT, 2881 U/mL [95% CI, 2721-3051] vs 1108 U/mL [95% CI, 1049-1170]; P < .001; previously infected: GMT, 10 708 U/mL [95% CI, 9311-12 315] vs 8174 U/mL [95% CI, 6923-9649]; P = .01). The difference in antibody levels according to previous infection was higher than the difference between the 2 mRNA vaccines (Figure, B, and Table).

those numbers are for folks with a normal immune system
After two shots
Moderna levels at 3836 U/ml
Pzfier levels at 1444

the nc study link here

conversion from NC study is 11.4 x mu/ml
To get U/ml
Ibd average after 3 shots

Was 132.5 mu/ml or 1510.5 U/ml
Which means most IBD patients despite meds were about the same after three doses as the average non ibd person after two shots

I call that a win
What is required for ibd patients is not known yet
But it gives me as a parent a more warm and fuzzy to know my ibd kiddo is at 1686 U/ml after three shots

hope it helps all those playing the home game version with their kids

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So antibody testing done again for NC study
70 mg/ml -End of May 2022
148 mg/ml Oct 2021
92 mg/ml July 2021

But it’s been about 4 months since his 4th shot.
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Are you thinking about another booster soon? My daughter is also about 4 months since her last booster.

My younger non-IBD daughter had Covid last month and none of the rest of us got it. Don't know if that was because the rest of us were less than 4 months from our booster or if younger daughter was just not a big virus producer.

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CDC recommends a 5th shot for immunocompromised
I have to look if it’s 5 months or 6 out from last booster
Just a pain to hold the methotrexate which causes his arthritis to not be happy


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Our GI told us to get the 4th shot now (M is behind because she flares with every shot and so she put it off, also because she got covid in January, just two months after her 3rd vaccine) and get the 5th before the fall, because there will likely be another surge in winter or fall.

I’m really hoping they figure out how to make vaccines that provide more last immunity because boosters and flaring every 4-5 months is very hard on her.
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