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Covid w/GI symptoms? Infection? Food Poisoning? Flare?

Hi All! Just jumping on here for some advice. Right now I have had ongoing symptoms of headache that comes and goes, stuffy nose that comes, fatigue, aching muscles and digestive upset. This has been ongoing for at least two weeks. I am wondering whether I should get a COVID test since my family have also been feeling under the weather off an on. We don't have a fever and I am the one feeling the worst. What is so frustrating about Crohn's is it is so hard to tell whether it is an acute case of enteritis (food poisoning), COVID, a flare or some sort of infection. What do you guys think? I already have an appt to do my regular Crohn's bloodwork (CRP, CBC, Fecal Cal) next week and then a f/u with my family doctor and GI after that so that will at least tell us if its the Crohn's or an infection so should I wait to do a COVID test until after these tests? I am due for my Stelara shot this Friday but I am nervous about taking it when feeling under the weather even if I don't have a fever especially when this could be COVID.


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Get a covid test. I had Covid (or do they think...it was before testing was readily available). It sounds similar and you really need to know.