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Crazy itchy feet and hands!

Hi all, I'm new to this site, but not new to Crohns. Have enjoyed several great years of remission (thanks to Methotrexate), but last 2 years had a few flares with quick recovery. This year a few new fun things have cropped up for me, erythema nodules on my shins and now for the second time this year, uncontrollable itchy hands and feet! First time was while on a vacation in Cuba, family doc chalked it up to an allergy from eating too much seafood. I am coming off prednisone now after a flare last month, and the crazy itching started up last week. Thankfully its controllable with Benadryl every 4-6 hours, but now I need naps all the time, which is actually kind of nice, after the predisone insomnia of the last 6 weeks! So my internet research has now told me this itching may be Crohns related, I should have known!
Anyone else experienced it? No rash or visible marks, just a deep itch coming from the inside. Running very hot water on them every hour or so was the only way I could manage while away as I had no Benadryl. This time Benadryl is helping but I don't want to take it so much. Have a GI apt tomorrow am.....


Hi Lisa,
Tell me, how long have you been on methotrexate for? Just make sure to discuss that itching issue with you GI tomorrow. I am assuming that it will ring him the same bell it does for me, which is a potential link of hepatoxicity (yep, mtx can sometime be harsh on the liver). In theory, you would also have anomalies of your LFT (ALT (would be raised), AST, albumine level, these kind of test) but sometimes, it does not show up and itchy hand and feet can be signaling that something is wrong on that aspect.

I know I've read quite a bit before I took it two years ago and I came across some paper that were suggesting that patient that would use it for psoriasis and RA where requested to have liver biopsies at some point to make sure that the liver was in proper order. This was when the medication was used long-term (somewhere above 1,5g of mtx (roughly after 2 years for a 15mg/wk regimen, sooner or later according to the specific dosage)). I don't think they do that regularly unless you have condition that suggests that you would be prone to liver disease or so.

I hope I am not scaring you here. It is just to give you certain information that allows you to speak to your GI accordingly. I'm sharing what I would have been asking if I had been in your situation. If he says there is no chance that this is what is happening to you then you will just be glad and happy it isn't and the other way around is also through. If ever your liver was getting tired of the medication then it is better to know it and the condition is generally reversible too.
I have experienced itching before and there was no redness whatsoever! It may be a reaction you have to some foods that are sensitive to you digestive system because of the compromisation of crohn's. I do notice that if I eat something that is going to be hard on my stomach, but something I am in no way allergic to I will get itching a couple hours after. To test this theory eat something that you know you can eat but don't eat alot of, like indulgence foods.

Such as gluten free pizza or something fried

We all know what these are to us ;) lol. Then keep track of what you feel a couple hours afterwards. It is your body telling you that you shouldn't really be eating these. I hope this helps!
Thanks ladies - I did read about liver issues, but am not currently on Methotrexate, just tapering off prednisone (down to 10mg now!). Haven't been on Metho for over a year. Will definitely discuss this am though with GI and repost with her thoughts. I was previously on Metho for approx. 2 years, but that was about 6 years ago.
So my GI hadn't heard of itchy feet and hands as a Crohns thing but wasn't surprised as I've had several new things crop up this year. Gonna treat as
an allergy for now, but starting back on methotrexate today, as I've had 2 flares in last 6 months. Methotrexate has helped me in past to go into remission for several years. I dread it but I dread another flare more.....
I had that when I was on prednisone. Especially in my feet and legs -I always felt like I had to move them or it would drive me crazy. I remember it as being like bugs under the skin.
Hi, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s and amongst the lovely symptoms that brings in itself alone, I am also experiencing continuous itching in my hands and feet. It’s a deep itch like it’s from inside and not on the surface... I’m not on any meds yet so it can’t be a reaction. Has anyone else experienced this?