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Crohn’s map vaccine

Just to let people know the UK team developing the vaccine (based on the theory that Crohn’s is due to impaired immune response to map bacteria) announced today on Facebook they have injected the first Crohn’s patient. From what I can see they are still in phase 1 safety trials although they have already done a safety trial on healthy volunteers. This has been a long time coming as largely funded by patients and families from what I can see. But hopefully the trial will go well and we will get a good treatment option down the line.
How many more years do they estimate? It's been about 30 so far.

And wonder why no large pharma has made a map vaccine.

Map is a bacteria its good news for crohns, few more drugs are on the horizon targeting other bacteria this is also good news.

I think we should have tried targeting bacteria before suppressing the immune system.

There is a Japanese company making a pill to make bacteria less sticky to the intestine.

Organoids are being made, the nhs in the uk are going to start trying organoids soon.