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Crohn’s pain feels like labour!

Am I the only one to feel this? I have had two children and both times and ended up going to the hospital at literally the last minute (10cm dilated each one!) because I was convinced that the labour pains were just the pain of Crohns. They feel exactly the same!

I’ve just had what I call “bad toilet” and honestly wish there was at least a baby or something nice at the end of it because all that pain just for a poo really isn’t worth it n
I was diagnosed around 6 years after having my youngest. I've had ovarian cysts burst and THAT pain was WOW. Horrible.
I didn't spend that much time in hard labor so I haven't ever thought to compare it.
I bet it was painful, yikes!

Both of my labours were quite short too (or at least by the time I realised that they were actual labour and not just the Crohns, they felt short!) but literally the pain is often exactly the same. Not general sitting around Crohns pain, but when I’m actually on the toilet.