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Crohns an d cholestyramine

Hi Everybody, I have just joined the forum. I was diagnosed with crohns 53yrs ago during which I have undergone two bowel resections and several other operations. Around 17 yrs ago my GP referred me to our local hospital where they had a new clinic dealing with IBD. The consultant put me on B12 injections every three months which I am still on today. He also put me on cholestyramine for malabsorbsion. It this treatment that I wish to discuss with the forum. Around five months after taking the cholestyramine I developed lower backache just beneath my ribcage which then radiates up the ribcage.
which I still suffer with today and it is pulling me down. I looked at the various side effects in the leaflet that came with this medication but there was nothing referring to my problems. I recently started searching the net to see if I could find anything and I came across a discussion on cholestyramine and it's side effects. and there was one comment there that referred to "Muscluloskeltal" as I side effect of taking Cholestyramine. which included backache, but it only registered 1% of people suffered with this side effect. I would like to ask members of the forum if any of you have experienced this problem. I have tried coming off the cholestyramine to see if it makes any difference but I quickly found out that I could not do with out it. Thank you.


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Hello and welcome.I don't have any experience of your problem, but I do know there are many on the forum who suffer with malabsorbtion, so I'm sure someone will be along soon to help.I just wanted to say hello and I hope you get help soon.