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Crohns and Allergies


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I had an allergy attack a few weeks ago from eating a balance bar and recently went to allergist for testing. I had broken out in severe hives and nearly needed an Epi-pen shot.

Anyways, I learned that I appear to be allergic to cow's milk and whey. Oddly though, I have never had issues eating ice cream or drinking the occasional glass of milk or having milk in coffee.

Makes me wonder if there is a link. Anyone else have food allergies?
yep.. i have developed more allergies in the past couple of years, coinciding with the recurrence of Crohn's - i'm convinced it is a definite connection, an immune system issue.

i had a severe reaction to some fruit gums which nearly had me passing out... then to some antibiotics.. then a dental anaesthetic which had been the only one i'd been ok on previously. because of all this, i do carry an Epipen around with me, and have ordered a medic-alert bracelet on my gp's advice.


Sports Crohnie
interesting, dingbat (great name by the way).

i'm now wondering what not to eat now. i really like ice cream and would hate to give that up. . .
One theory I have read about food allergies is that they occur when food particles enter the blood stream through a leaky gut. The immune system attacks these foreign objects and in time develops an allergic reaction to them.

I'm actually going in next week to get an allergy test. So we'll see. I don't know of any food allergies though. But who knows, I guess!
I've been thinking about this too! My daughter is allergic to casein (cows milk protein) and eggs. We've always thought all her problems came from the amount she got from my breastmilk, but she hasn't had casein or eggs of any kind for a long time. It would be a huge coincidence imo...i think there would have to be a link somewhere...note to self, ask the pgi on monday!


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Yep I have a problem with ripe bananas or banana made in synthetic form like ice cream or sweets etc. Make me VERY wheezy!

I dont even have to eat the damn thing, just need someone to be eating a ripe banana in the same room and then all of a sudden I will realise my breathing is getting difficult.

For me my allergist worked out its to do with the histamine release as the banana ripens as I am fine with greenish bananas. There is also a link between certain foods and latex allergy and banana is one of them so to be safe my Occ health dept have got me change over to latex free gloves at work as I find the latex ones make my hands itch and go red then raw if I wear them for more than a few mins.

I also will have my skin break out in a rash and my asthma deteriorate if I introduce gluten or dairy into my diet. My gp does his nut if I cheat LOL

And also come out in hives with certain antibiotics..

As a result of all the above and a 24/7 itching for several years that became intolerable despite trying to figure out the cause - which my allergist/asthma consultant and gp have said I may never find the answer to - I take very high dose antihistamines every day under their direction. New pharmacists usually phone me when doing my repeat prescription to check as they worry about it LOL

Allergist thinks I also have oral allergy syndrome now too so its being investigated...

Anyone wanna just shoot me now? LOL
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How did they decide it was dairy in the balance bar? What else is in there? Sometimes it seems like a knee jerk reaction - meat, bad! milk, bad! Those are two foods I do really well with!
I am lactose intolerant. As far as other allergies...mine have become much worse since Crohn's. Might be just a coincidence, but I still wonder if there is a connection.


Has anyone found that their food issues are worse afterwards? Last night I ate eggplant, which I've never had a problem with before, and I broke out in a rash, with that itchy tongue/throat thing. I told my husband I was going to end being able to eat ostrich meat and pears.


Sports Crohnie
main ingredients were chocolate, milk, peanuts, soy, whey and related proteins. so, i was tested for all those and was shown allergic to milk and whey. very weird since i can eat ice cream :)