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Crohns and body building (again..)

Seen a couple of threads on this but is there anyone on here who has crohns, is on meds and is/has taken anabolic steroids?

Hopefully such a subject isn’t taboo on here and can be discussed openly like adults?
I have been power lifting for about 20 years and I can tell you from witnessing the affects of doing roids on healthy people I would NEVER do it with having our disease. Our systems are under enough stress without adding roids to the mix. I would suggest if you are going to try it,check with your Gastro.
When I was on prednisone I did notice I could train ALLOT harder (no inflammation). But the bad news was as I was coming off the pred. my left shoulder was killing me.The pred was masking all the damage I was doing. My shoulder has now recovered (took 5 months) and I am ok. I could just imagine the damage I would have caused if I was also on anabolics.