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Crohn's and CBD

Hi all,
Looking for info. about taking CBD oil. I am currently on IMURAN and hate the side effect it is giving me. (dizziness and nausea)

1. Who is using it and how has it worked?
2. Do you get blood tests done to look for inflammatory markers to see if it is working or just go by how you feel?
3. Is it a Hoax?

Thanks in advance for the info?
Hi mbjah809,
I’m currently looking into buying CBD oil in Australia but because it’s recently been legalised for medicinal purposes I’m finding it hard to get a doctor who is willing to script it for me. The company I’m hoping to get the oil from is affiliated with the Israeli cannabis researcher company Tikun Olam. Apparently it works great for inflammation and this has been proven through limited clinical trials. But as with all medicine we can only know if it works once we try it because as you know one drug works well for one IBD sufferer and not another.
Hi Crampygut,

I'm having the same issue here in NZ, it's just recently been approved but now need to find someone to prescribe it. Hopefully (medical) cannabis will be legal too at some point but in the meantime I'd be very interested in the name of the oil you're looking at, could you post it or pm me with it? And can you buy it in Oz or do you need to get it from overseas?


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I've been using CBD oil for a couple of weeks.It did make a difference to my IBD for a few days, but I've been a bit rough for a couple of days now ,so who knows? It did ease my arthritis too.I will keep using it until current bottle is finished.I bought it at a health shop and it cost £39-95 per bottle.I bought two bottles so as to give it a reasonable chance,but there are only twenty doses per bottle,so might have to reconsider.You can order on-line but make sure it is pure oil from the cannabis plant and NOT manufactured in China.You don't get a "high" with it but it is good for anxiety.Hemp oil supplements are also available but I don't think it's as strong as CBD.I will be interested to know how others get on with it.
Hi Crampygut,

I'm having the same issue here in NZ, it's just recently been approved but now need to find someone to prescribe it. Hopefully (medical) cannabis will be legal too at some point but in the meantime I'd be very interested in the name of the oil you're looking at, could you post it or pm me with it? And can you buy it in Oz or do you need to get it from overseas?

Hi Layla

The company I’ll hopefully be able to buy it from is called Medifarm. They’re based in Queensland and they are affiliated with the Israeli cannabis research facility ‘Tikun Olam’. As far as I’ve been able to gather Tikun Olam is far ahead of any other research facility when it comes to the way they grow and control their crops as well as the amount of patients they treat. They have apparently had great success with treating IBD sufferers. I’ve spoken to Medifarm and they said they will have there own locally made CBD cannabis oil available buy May 2018 but in February they’ll have some of the Israeli Tikun Olam CBD oil available. Hopefully you’ll be able to purchase it from Medifarm even with a NZ script?
Thanks for that Crampygut.
I have no idea if I could order there with a NZ script but I can certainly try! And it gives me something to google with, one step at a time :)
I would strongly recomend CBG, not CBD, CBD works as a topical antiinflamatory while CBG works with the human version of cannibinoids and trys to maintain homeostasis, it is very calming, unfortunately smoking it has the best results. it is the quickest way to get it into the system.
if you have not read about CBG please do, it is something docs are testing
I would also recommend CBG over CBD. The effect is more noticeable. Of course, smoking achieves faster results. But you can't always have the option of blowing smoke. I found another option - there are chews made of pectin. Vegans widely use them. Most importantly, there is the assurance that Tillmans Tranquils use a purified product. And there are more and more countries where this can be purchased legally. But it will take some time for this product to establish itself in the masses. Even some doctors are still skeptical about this product.
seriously thinking about making some THCA meds.....i am interested in CBD, but confused some as ive heard the body processes it differently when eaten and smoking it doesnt make as much sense for treating some conditions.....not sure about CBG, but it makes me curious for sure as ive never tried it....im wondering more specifically what people mean by "smoking it gives better results" tho.....if this is anecdotal or perhaps something misleading like the CBD.....makes dosing alot more confusing as well........planning to research this more anyway, on my list ;P
the dosage on that sounds incredibly weak.....40mg thc is a rec dose imho.....not sure about the cbd offhand...

for anti cancer regimen it would be closer to 1 full gram....which for practical purposes i think would need to be a mix of thca just to get that in someone...

with the cbd anyway i sympathize for all this high cost, which is insane and should not be the case......it is legal in my state for anyone to grow but quality control is another thing all together....

they still didnt find the data to take this off schedule 1 so, im not so inclined to wait for them to figure it all out....or how to construct a proper study...

its important to do anything we can with this i feel, but the more expensive something is i agree it should have more data in support.
haha, ive spent i think more than a healthy ammt of time focusing about this plant......but with a medicine so versatile, now here i find myself wondering and wanting to research even more again, since apparently i have chrons and it wasnt a dream? nope, scar still there ;P

Lynda Lynda

40mg THC is a rec dose 😳. Yikes !

I take 10mg THC edible a couple of hours before I go to bed and it helps me to fall asleep and to sleep better. If I take 20mg then I am "getting high" instead of sleepy, it seems.

Well, it costs $22 for a cannibus candy bar with 100mg THC per candy bar at my local dispensary, That comes to $66 a month for me right now.
I did the microdosing when I first started so that I would know how my body reacts to it ( and I take so many prescription medications too.)

Marijuana became legal here over a year ago.
The odd thing is that I voted against it in the election in 2020 and then started taking it a year ago.

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yeah, for the cancer killer kinda doses they were saying 1gram per day a few years ago, so thats what im basing that off...which honestly even with high tolerance that is just, hard to do....without thca(the non polarized type that doesnt really get you high)
you found some relief by lower dosage....so, medical dose, can be considered loosely...but works differently at different concentrations.

i make candies at about 200mg polarized "extract" which might be something like 50-75% thc....legal here too so i think the value is something around 3-6$ per, but yes, the dispenseries are criminal and that is about the same here, like 20$ for a similar dose ridic.....

idk what im waiting for about the thca, trying to start something like that by next month here and see about it....pretty sure it cant hurt....for the thc ones tho i sort of agree like it can be hard to gauge how you will feel in a few hours so i can be more in a habit to smoke for that.......liver processes it differently tho, more healthy to eat, like not even considering the lungs at all.....still is.

it will get cheaper dont worry and hopefully that wont take too long. glad to hear you found some relief by it....i think they will learn much more about this the next 10yrs for sure.

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