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Crohn's and Colitis Canada Camp Got2Go

Our child is too young yet for camp, but what a super thing to have organized for these kids. I just think it's an amazing opportunity. WOW!


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I watched the video. It is a summer camp but the kids are wearing sweatshirts in almost half the shots tell me again it isn't that cold in Canada:wink:

I want Campgot2go in the Bahamas!
No doubt, CIC! I guess we get used to it up here...

I've been amazed at what temps the kids will jump in the lake!!! Brrr.

But still, I can imagine how nice it would be to do camp stuff with peers who have the same struggles.
I think we need a caregivers camp in the Bahamas with fruity drinks with umbrellas :) Just filled out Jack's paperwork for Camp Oasis here in the states.