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Crohns and food poisoning

Two years ago my last relapse stopped haven't had one since however I just got food poisoning (probably from the fish I cooked yesterday).
I am somewhat worried it might bring another crohn's flare up
I am on:
125mg azathioprine
4g mesalazine

I'm not really worrying about it due to the fact I'm off from school with it yay:( but this means I get to do what I want (within the reasonable confines of bed) so I'm not stressed I'm still slightly concerned if it will bring a relapse on its own


Sorry to hear this. It could bring a relapse on, but it just as easily may not. With the aza you are on, it should be ok. Fingers crossed and take very good care of yourself.


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I have not had food poisoning since diagnosed but I always feared this possibility myself.

Just get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids (and electrolytes, think Gatorade) just in case to flush out your system and I hope everything turns out okay!
Food poisoning is a possibility as I feel that this was how mine started afetwer I got a bug on holiday . It maybe coincidence but thats when mine started . Drink plenty of fluids and make sure you at least let your doctor know.I feel that because im on Asacol all the time I dont tend to get it anymore.
Hope you feel better soon


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Welcome to the forum! For what it's worth, I've been in remission for over a year now. I had food poisoning in the spring of this year (my husband improperly thawed some ground turkey in the sink which made us both ill) and although I felt awful for a little while, it did not cause a flare-up and I went back to feeling fine again fairly quickly. I don't know what the odds are of food poisoning causing a flare-up, but my experience was that I was okay after a bout of food poisoning. It took me maybe a week to get back to feeling like myself again and then I was fine. So hang in there, get some rest and stay hydrated, and hopefully you'll come out of this fine too.
I was doing really well for 15 years and then went to Mexico where I lost 10lb in two weeks. That was the downward spiral to where I am now. So I believe my relapse was somehow started by food poisoning.

Another funny story in the hotel I went to the toilet and I wasnt well to say the least. In the two next cubicles two people started talking about how they werent well either. they were both from America and they were talking about how their Crohns was really bad there.