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Crohns and Humira

Hi, all, anyone her on Humira or have been?

Can one just stop injections without any issues?

I have a chronic sinus infection and that was a concern when I started Humira, it is far from Happy since I have been on Humria after 10 weeks and so far no benefit from the drug., had 8 injecitons x 40mg so far.
Due for another injeciton tomorrow, hence my quesiton


Talk to your GI.... If you had it when you started your consultant would/should have advised you what to do.
Stopping Humria

Hi, thanks for reply,

yes he did know and went by in my view some useless ENT's advice.
I did tell my GI at the time

But I will ring him and advise him.

10 weeks, no signs of any benefit if last night's flare up is anything to go by.
I've read 3 months is time frame it can take to work, well!

Make sure you talk to your G.I. about stopping Humira.

Hi Boltmannz welcome to the humira club, have any questions I am sure someone can answer!
Make sure you talk to your G.I. about stopping Humira.

Hi Boltmannz welcome to the humira club, have any questions I am sure someone can answer!
Thanks what is it with the pain thing. Does the humira pen really hurt??????
Welll... The injection can hurt, sometimes worse than others. The humira nurse told me it was because of a difference in PH of the med and your body. The needle itself does not hurt. The shot only lasts 10 seconds so really its not that bad (I generally run off a a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush for about 6 seconds each shot)

Compared to crohn's pain its nothing, its quick.

Make sure you take humira out of the fridge for 20 minutes before you inject it, some people say icing the spot they are injecting helps (Personally I feel like it hurts more but that may be in my head!) Lots of people have thoughts on what spot hurts less, I can't do stomach because of scar tissue so I have never done anywhere but my leg.

For me the anxiety of the shot is always worse than the actual pain with it. I also have my cousin (who is an nursing student) give me the shots, it just makes it easier for me.

Just remember its only a few seconds if it starts to sting.
Well I started with Three injections instead of Four. It was funny but tragic. I went to my GP to get him to teach me to use the pen. He did the first, I did the second but as I was doing the third he yelled watch your finger at the same time as I pressed the button. I pulled away with fright and watched NZ$1500.00 worth of Humria sqirt out of the pen over my trousers. We phoned the GI who said 3 was ok. I live 100 miles from the GI. Hence the GP teaching me. No pain.
I lost one of my first ones to! dripped right down my leg to the floor. I thought the same thing you did $2000.00 floor cleaner!

I am glad they didnt hurt! Congrats you did it!

Hi all,

Update to post last Nov.

Now 5 mths into treatment and no notiactable change in Crohns or Inflmatory Arthrtis I have ( not RA as I am sero negative for Rhematoid factor in my blood) but arthrtis I have acts very similar.

In hips, fingers, lower back, but worse is left pelvic, everything about Infmallatory Arthrtis is one sided, asymentrical, interesting that was where I had the worse abcess's during crohns surgeries in 1995.
Man I am greatful I have not required any more surgery since, although I suspect there will come a time.
Anyway back to Humira, sinus is even worse now and it is always worse a day or so after Humira Injection.
How the ENT my GI sent me to before I started came up with no sinus problem is beyond me, as I went and saw anotehr one late November and even without a CT, he could see I had Chronic Maxiallary Sinisutis, which is what orginal ENT diagnosed me with 12 years earlier. Infection is only part of problem, it is the infallmation within maxiallary sinus, well isn't Humira supposed to help reduce inflammation?

I mean how long does one stay on this drug till one says, enough, not working.

If I had to do a pro and cons thing, nothign would be in pro.
Crohns is no differeent and though I don't think Humira had anything to do with it, I had a kidney stone late November and 10 days later had a minor bowel bloackage, which Surgeron wondered when that happened, did I in fact have the Kidney stone, as he couldn't get his hands on scans for it.
Who knows huh! Pain wasn't as bad as one I had in 2003, bowel bloackage, this was just a bit of fluid had got stuck, sheeh how such thing can cause so much pain and trip to emerg, amazing!

Anyway I have gone on too long,
ENT after getting CT scan results just confirmed his diaganose, when asked if I could tolerate Humira, he could not say for sure, as he din't know much about the drug.
The conceirng thing is, it is mainly right sinus playing up, not the left one, which is the one that has always been a problem since and before surgery in 1997.

Of course he wants to oeprate, but last resort for me, as I have had two before with very little benefit.

But when one cannot sleep as sinus is throbbing and right cheek is hot as anything. And I am double antibotics for it.

See GI next month, but not sure I can take this much longer.