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Crohn's and leg ulcers

Hello, I'm a 33 yr male with Crohn's and was diagnosed 20 years ago, I've been threw surgeries, fisgula sand now I have came across a leg ulcer. Has any one ever delt with one of these? If so can you shed some light please!!


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Hi Nbees and :welcome:

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having. :(

The leg ulcer you have, is it one of the extra intestinal manifestations of Crohn's that affects the skin?
Like PG PN (EN)...pyoderma gangrenosum or pyoderma nodosum?

Dusty. xxx
I currently just on hummira and prednisone, but I know it's not enough because nothing is changing for the past three months!

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I was diagnosed with Pyoderma Gangrenosum near my stoma few months ago! It was 5 weeks after my surgery. I had SUPER PAINFUL cavities around my stoma and i got veru fast to the hospital and was diagnosed by derma-doctor, actually only 6 days after my symptoms started. That why they never get to get too big. I am glad for that becuse it was soooo painful that i just lie on my back and cried.

They started me high dose of prednison (yay) and i started taking my Humira again. I had to put cortisone cream in to to cavities every day. Slowly they starting to get better and now there is new sin growing over those craters. It's very thin skin but skin it is :)

It's a rare and very painflu disease. Are your ulcers big?