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Crohns and loosing weight Support Group

This group are for people like myself that want to loose weight that i picked up since my diagnoses. I am hoping that we can all share our expieriences, diets, exercises and be there for each other for support. :)
I've been dealing with multiple health issues - cancer, high blood pressure, ruptured discs in my neck & spine and have gained a lot of weight and can't lose it. Exercising is very difficult and like you, I have no idea how I'm going to manage it.
Hi rrhood1 yes me also i have gerd , cd, depression, hp, also struggle with kidneys now and again. I started with pred again yesterday. I lost 1 kg but now ill pick up again and moon face i dont know how we can manage all this and loose weight its impossible
Rickytrnr - welcome!

You’re right - some people can’t lose weight because they don’t eat enough. I know when I was on a doctor controlled course, I couldn’t eat everything they said I should be eating. It was just way too much food. I guess your body goes into starvation mode and won’t let itself lose weight.