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Crohns and Naturopath

Would love to know if any of you have went to a naturopath and what your experience was like.

I've been thinking about reaching out to a naturopath as my GP does not suggest going for a visit as he feels I know all I need to know. I'd go for the purpose of getting an allergy test as I'd like to know what are some of my sensitives.

I'm struggling with what I can and can't eat. I wonder if any of you also may eat certain foods for a week and it being fine then the following week you eat the same but your body rejects it.
Hi MizzSarah, although I have not seen a naturopath I have researched extensively due to the side effects, and outcomes that I experienced with medications.

I don't think we can ever know all we need to know with this. Knowledge is power. My GI told me learn everything I can about this, however I don't think he thought I would tear it up, and question everything like I do. An allergy test could be helpful.

Many struggle with what you mention. Being able to eat something one week and the next week it feels rejected. A frustrating situation. Many suggest a food diary. Another diary that could prove helpful might be a medication diary. Listing the med, side effects, labs, test, how you feel, successes, etc. Either can fluctuate if/when in a flare.

Sugar, flour, corn, dairy, etc. for some can be triggers for an upset. It is very individual. Food sensitivities can cause a host of feeling unwell, from bloat, wind, nausea, increased d, rashes, headaches, and who knows what else.

Along with this, learning to relax the mind/body and reducing stress might be helpful. There is much information on meditation, gentle yoga, bio feedback, etc. They say stress does not cause this, however can be felt, possibly a trigger.

Be well, God bless.
I wouldn't trust anyone that told you not to eat specific food for Crohn's. It is so specific to each person, and there is no documented contraindication to foods, except for highly fibrous uncooked vegetables can be very difficult to digest, so stay away from those if in a flare. Otherwise it's very anecdotal with no real evidence. The food diary may be a good idea, but I would point you to a solid IBD specialist (not just a regular GI doctor) to get the disease under control so you can eat whatever you want, or close to it. CCFA can give you some referrals if in the US.