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Crohn's and occipital neuralgia + other neck/shoulder pain

Dear people of this forum,
i write this message for a friend of mine, a female, 29 years old.
She has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2019. In december 2021, she suddely got struck by terrible headache.
This turned out to be Occipital Neuralgia. The devastating, horrible pain is present until this day.
3 months after the occipital neuralgia started, she massaged the egde of her neck/scull, and the day after this, she had terrible pain there also.
Her shoulders bent over forward, from this new pain point in the neck. Her whole body is cramped from the pain.
Since she has Crohn's disease as well, we think maybe there is an auto immune disease in the body. But...we don't know wich one.
We read about spondylo Artrtitis, but there is nothing to be find in the spine region wich indicates this.

I am hoping to find people who have Crohn + occipital neuralgia and other pain in the upper body as well, hoping that someone with the same symptoms can help us on the track of finding if she has the same, to eventually find treatment.
If you have any idea for us to do, please write. My friend is in terrible pain and needs treatment, but we don't know what to do.
Or wich research can help her. We are from the Netherlands.
Love to hear from you, kind regards,