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Crohns and Testosterone

I was diagnosed in November 2007 with CD. Was on Pentasa 8/day, 6MP 25mg/day, Prilosec 40mg/day. Had a roller coaster ride until mid 2009 when the urologist started me of large doses of Testosterone after a test showed my levels almost nonexistant. Withing 2 months my CD symptoms reduced by 90%. Pain is gone, BMs down to 1-2 every other day. Doctor is baffled as to why but I don't care as long as it continues....has anyone else experienced this????:stinks::stinks::ysmile::ysmile::ysmile::ysmile::medal1::medal1::stinks::stinks:
Great to hear you're doing a lot better.
Now lets go drink beer, shoot guns, build huge things, and other manly things.