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Crohns and the Seasons


Mama Crohnie
I was also curious to hear from everyone about when your flare ups were the worst. For me, it was every summer like clock work. Usually around the same time, June..July, August, would I spend my time in hospital. My flare ups didn't seem to activate in the winter so much, as they did summer. Which is really kind of mind boggling when you think of it. I guess the heat does play a part. Did anyone here find that they spent more time flaring up in the summer, then they did for any other season?


In retrospect, I have only gone to the hospital (except for my planned surgery) in the Summer. I'll have to see if the trend continues this Summer....here's hoping it won't!

I remember reading something about the "November Effect"--this idea that November was particularly bad for Teens with Crohn's. The combination of the weird weather (and the overall trend of it turning colder) mixed in with stress from school was thought to be responsible for it. I however, haven't had symptoms pretaining to this...at least I don't think I have!


I do not know if I have had it long enough to be able to determine how each season affects me differently. I know that things got worst for me last year in November, but it could have been due to a number of reasons (including stress due to upcoming exams).
I am a teen with the November downs. I had a minor flare that started in November. When I got diagnosed with my first major flare the flare started in November.

Having had this for a bit over 5 years, more like 6 I think...I havent really ever associated a certain season with a flare or much of anything. I dont tollerate heat at all, but I dont recall that making my pain etc any worse.

It is of nearly equal pain every month... :p


For me it's the summer hot months that make me the sickest. July and August are the absolute worst. I do much much better in the colder part of the year. Of course down here in Lousiana, we don't have much cold weather. We have 4 seasons.......Hot, Hotter, Hot As Hell, and Christmas.


Hmm... December, January and February [well, warmest months in Auckland]... February is the worst, it's rainy and it's hot.

Also, just around June too, I get stressed during that time. Not only because of exam, but it seems like everything goes wrong in my life around June.


For me it's usually anywhere from Nov-Mar. I seem to do alot better in the warmer months. So I'm glad it's starting to warm up here.

It used to be that summer was a better time for me, but now I seem to be flaring more in the spring and summer. Hopefully this one will be better.


I'd say November, but I think it really started in September both times and had escalated to out of control by November. That's where I had my onset & a year after the flare that got my insurance to approve remicade.


Yeah mines the start of summer but not every year but yeah it gets worst in summer


I normally flare up in Sept and Oct. It's been like clock work since I could remember.