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Crohn's and tummy bug

My son is currently well and in remission :) but he has a tummy bug atm. He hasn't eaten today, brought everything up yesterday and last night, and is weak and sickly today. He can't afford to lose any weight as he's very thinly!

I've managed to get him to take sips of electrolye drink and he's had a dry slice of toast and a biscuit today but he doesn't want to eat. I know these things only last a couple of days but as he has Crohns and I worry so much about him, if he is still poorly tomorrow and not eating etc I think I should get him to hospital to be hydrated etc

What do you think?
No toilet issues, he just has no appetite, he's been sipping the electrolyte drink on and off, but he just doesn't want to eat. He's hot but his temp is not over the top.
If it were me, barring obvious signs of dehydration, I would probably wait provided
  • he's able to keep down regular sips of fluids
  • doesn't have diarrhea
  • isn't running a fever over 100.5 for more than 24 hours
  • isn't running a fever of 101.5 or higher

Our rule on fevers is anything over 100.5 for 24 hours or anything over 101.5 merits a call to the GI and/or trip to pediatrician.

It seems like it takes longer to recover from these things when you have CD so you might be cautious about pushing solid food if he doesn't feel up to it. As long as he's able to keep down the electrolyte formula or flat soda pop then I would wait and see a day.

Hope he feels better soon.