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Crohn's Colitis Flareup:Multiple symptoms


I've had Crohn's for twenty years but was symptom free for fifteen of them.
I don't smoke, I eat a clean diet and exercise.

In the last three months I've had to run to the bathroom up to twenty-five times a day, lost a lot of weight and have extremely low Iron.

My Colonoscopy revealed that I have severe ulceration, nodules, ect in part of my Colon and I'm going to begin Remicade therapy soon.

I have severe edema in both of my calves and feet and Erythem Nodosum (Red, painful bumps on my calves and shins), extreme pain in my knees and ankles and a large hard, subcutaneous growth on the outside of my left knee.
I even have some pain when I sit down and in my lower back.

My general practicioner told me that these symptoms MIGHT be due to my Crohn's flareup and ordered a Sonigram for the huge growth on my left knee.

This flareup has been ongoing for about four months.

My questions are:

Has anyone else experienced any or all of these symptoms during
your Crohn's flareup?

And if you have, what have you/your GI done about this?


I have had to run to the bathroom upwards of 30 times a day with pure diarrhea. Doctors put me on 3 anti-diarrhea meds and Remicade to calm the inflammation. It doesn't change overnight but remicade can be a great drug.
Hi,I had severe D day and night after a resection. The only thing that worked for me was pure physllium Husk from the health store. I had around 1-2 heaped teaspoons in a glass of orange juice in the morning. I swear it felt like a miracle after having gone through months of agony and many other prescription drugs like Questran. Good luck!!


Naples, Florida
With that pain in your lower back, I suggest that you request a referral to a rheumatologist for evaluation as well.

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time and hope they get things under control soon!
Are you on Prednisone? I ask because I too have extreme joint pain and some swelling all because I've been on it for a while. If not, I'd check with the Dr... Doesn't sound right.
I am on no medications right now.
Got the OK for myself TB test results this morning-Will hopefully begin Remicade therapy soon

When I was on Prednisone years ago I went up to 415 lbs.

The inflammation & ulceration from my Crohn's flareup has caused severe Anemia, joint pain, fatigue, cramps, severe edema, painful itchy welts, a few subcutaneous growths on my legs.