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Crohn's, colitis, prednisone, and weight loss?

Ok, I posted this in the health forum and no one answered. I know in the weight loss group I've read about people on prednisone...

Anyone on here have inflammatory bowel disease? On or off prednisone, do you find it affects what you can and want to eat? Does it affect your ability to reach fitness, health, and weight loss goals?

I would love to hear from anyone dealing with IBD and trying to stay healthy and get fit!
It has been a while since I was on prednisone but it made Mr want to eat more. I gained a lot of weight on it and it gave me ostopenia.
I'm on pred at the moment. Only been on it just over a week though. I find I'm eating way more but that's also probably because I'm no longer in pain! I'm craving carbs and sugar but trying to keep it under control and just have healthy carbs etc if I do. I find meal planning and being organised helps.
I experience several daily episodes of Steroid Starvation. Unfortunately, I can really only eat white things that are gluten-free, so tonnes of carbs, and dairy. So, yes, weight gain. I am more active as the steroids don't like me sitting down, but my body really, really wants to rest. I did gain about 5kgs at the start (40mgs), but haven't gained any more since tapering to 15mg. I would love to do gentle exercises, but my unhelpful, arthritic wrists won't support my body weight, and the thought of being at the deep end of the swimming pool, and having a poo urge, is too terrifying!
I'm taking a leaf out of Scarlett O'Hara's book - "I'll think about it tomorrow". For now, I'll just get through each day.