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Crohn's, colitis & RA

Having been diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in 1999, and Crohn's in 2009, I was then diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2017.

I used to take Mesalamine enema for the proctitis - and it helped. The symptoms have subsided and it rarely flares-up. The Crohn's "waxes and wanes" - is how I put it, though I don't suffer the extreme symptoms that many people do, so I figure I'm lucky. As for the RA, I was weaned off of prednisone, while starting up with methotrexate (pills). Had been on the methotrexate starting the beginning of 2018 until a few months ago.

I decided to quit taking the methotrexate. The Crohn's flares more since I'm not taking any meds. I take fiber supplements, and it seems to have helped. The RA is, well, not so bad. I'm functioning pretty well, and am wondering if I'm in remission.

I'm on social security disability for RA. At some point, they'll realize I no longer see a doctor or take meds. At some point they will discontinue the disability, since in order to receive SSDI benefits you have to be receiving treatment for your disability. I would take being healthy and active and employed -anytime- over having a chronic and restricting or debilitating illness.
Hi there - you mentioned that you have more Crohn's flares since stopping your medication. Methotrexate would help both Crohn's and your RA. Was the Methrotrexate hard for you to tolerate? I don't think it's a good idea to not be taking anything for your conditions. Things could change quickly for you. Are you getting routine blood tests to check if everything is okay? You need to keep proactive because it doesn't take long for things to change without the proper treatment.

Lady Organic

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If you keep healthy with medication, maybe you will be able to return to work. i too encourage you strongly to take your meds and to continue your medical appointments. If methotraxe alone was working for these 2 disease altogether already its a very good luck you have. keep going!