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Crohns dating site?

So my marriage ended last year - mainly due to my Ex's complete and utter nonacceptance of this disease. Now I am left wishing to find a girlfriend but do not feel comfortable dating after what I have been through. Although I must admit I would feel a whole lot better if I could find a woman who understands how much I suffer and would accept my limitations due to crohn's.

Am I being foolish? I have no idea how to even broach the subject with a woman. Funny (well not really) story - I actually had several months of remission which ended last November when I went on a date. My date insisted on ordering a pitcher of sangria in spite of my reluctance - I have not been the same since I drank it. Was I supposed to say - no I have crohns and cant drink stuff like that? It seems everybody loves to drink and travel and eat spicy foods - I just do not see how I am compatible with anyone.
She wasn't the one. I am seeing a man who has chron (I don't) I just live my life and except what he can give. One day maybe we will be able to see each other regularly. If not we will cross that bridge. Be patience, be honest.n


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Hang in there bud.It is really tough losing your partner because of a disease. You never know when the right Lady will come along. Just be ready to take your chance when you find her. I'm single as well (almost 9 years now) and a lot of that had to do with my IBD problems causing my ex too much stress. She just wasn't the right one for me. I have come to understand this over time. At first I was really broken up inside, I feel for you. Patience is so important to find that right ONE.

wishing you luck,

I think being upfront from the get go is a good approach. You don't need to give all the gory details, just "I can't eat/drink that, I have crohns and it really limits my diet, but please you go ahead..."
How they respond will let you know if it is even worth the effort.
Also, we all have issues, even the person you are dating...
I agree with what has been said. You need to be up front about your disease. If they aren't accepting of it, it's nice to know early so you don't waste your time.
I understand Barelyalive, my ex broke up with me after ten years and said it was because of my Crohn’s. It’s been tough and I’m still working on getting over it. I don’t feel confident... who would want to put up with this disease and all the problems it causes.

I think that we have to tell the other person, maybe not right away, but I would definitely say that I can’t eat/drink whatever even on the first date. I would wait a bit because the Crohn’s is definitely not the most important thing about you or me!

Be yourself and wait for the right person. That’s what I am doing, though I know it’s tough

I wish you all the best.
Spouses who leave their SO because they cannot tolerate a disease should be careful what they ask for. Those spouses won't be healthy forever either and may develop something worse - and then look who's crying now. Not saying that I wish it or am gloating, but they should be careful what they ask for.