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Crohn's diagnoses at 62

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in December of 2005 when I expereinced a full blockage --- I had no idea I even suffered from this disease so I was quite surprised. I've had several partial blockages since 2005. I'm told there is a six inch section of my small intestine with a diameter of a straw! In 2008 I was in the ER 6 times becauses of blockages --it has taken a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for me to stay in remission. I know that Remacaide is disasterous for me, Pentasa doesn't work for me and the steroids I've had to take were helpful to get me quickly back on track but the side effects were enough for me to beg off of them as quickly as possible every time they were prescribed.

So how am I managing now??---- Well, I take Asacol daily, I reduced my stress level when I retired in February 2010 and at that time I also began a very disicplined cardio/weight lifting program with a trainer which I continue to follow at a local gym. I can eat just about anything I want BUT it must be small protions and not too much fiber!!! I've managed to gain 5 pounds of muscle in a one year period and feel great. I just recently added Liquid Sublingual Vitamin B-12 to my supplement list (now that was an energy kick start!) and of course I drink a quality whey protein isolate powder a few time a week.

I know I am very fortunate---because I haven't suffered nearly as bad nor as long as many of those whose stories I've read in this forum. At this time I seem to have found a routine that is working for me --- But it took time, some lifestyle changes and a few tears. PC


That is so wonderful that you have found a routine that helps you. I love that you are able to stay healthy with just the use of one drug. (I hate meds!) I hope for your sake that this continues to work for you and that you can live a normal and healthy life!

Well done!
I there PC,
I have had crohn's for 21 years now and been in remission for 15 years.but, it flared up again last weak and i am on preds for 4 weeks hopefully they will do the trick. Stay to your routine and i am also on asacol and dicetel and modulin. Hopefully you can stay in remission for another long time. best wishes


Naples, Florida
Greetings and a most sincere welcome to you!

6 inches of intestine with the diameter of a straw? WOW!

Out of curiosity, how is Remicade a disaster for you?

It sounds like you could offer others a lot of insight in our Diet and Fitness forum if you're so inclined.

Again, welcome, I'm glad you joined :)
Hi All, thanks for your messages.

David, regarding my remicade disaster ---I was infused with that drug every eight weeks for 12 months ---along about the sixth week I would get some sort of virus, cold, allergy or sinus attack, even pneumonia once---while dealing with those problems I would end up with a flare --and it doesn't take much to stop up that narrow section of my gut before I'm in the ER throwing up my toenails! Since I don't often get sick, my THEORY is that Remicade lowered my resistance to the point where I would catch things that without it didn't bother me and when my immune system click on to fight the bugs, it wouldn't click off and would begin attacking my gut ---at any rate those frequent episodes ended when I stopped taking the infusions. That all took place in and around 2008 and I've had only three ER visits since and all of those I'm pretty sure I can attribute to stress or severe cedar allergy. Of course everyone is different so Remicade may and probably does work fine for others --it just didn't for me -- I felt like I was being poisoned. Fortunately I have had success using other means to get into remission. And again, I have late age onset of this disease and I have only a small portion of my small intestine involved ---that is MILD compared to some of the young people whose stories I've been reading. PC