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Crohns Disease all the Treatments and Symptoms

My name is Linda and I am new to the forum. I can see there is alot of good information about Crohns , treatments , stories, etc.Looking forward to being a part of this all. I am 63 years old. Diagnosed with Crohns about 14 years ago. I've been on , Remicade , methotrexate, steroids, Humara, entvyio and now cimzia.Ive had my complete large intestine removed last November. I still have active Crohns in my rectum and small intestine. It seems like the cimzia is worst than the disease as in side effects. I'm in alot of pain all around my waist to the lower back, nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms, muscles that lock, etc. I appreciate all of your input very much.
Hi, Linda. I am sorry for all you are going through. I hope your doctor can get you on the right combination of medicines to get you in remission.
Have you tried Stelara yet? I don't know that it has been approved yet for Crohns yet. Besides Crohns, I have psoriasis. It had been approved for psoriasis. My gi was using it for both the psoriasis and the Crohns. There is also one called Simponi. I hope your doctor can get you on something to get you in remission soon. Let us know how you are doing.