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Crohns disease diagnosed!



I am 25 and I was recently diagnosed with Crohns, and after a pretty tough 6 months health wise, I am slowly getting things under control. My doctor is still working out the best medicine for me, so unfortunately I still have some bad days. I am now starting to feel like I am getting depressed. I rarely want to do anything, my boyfriend has to drag me out the house. I can sleep for hours and hours- I am missing work more and more. Just when I start to feel better and start going out etc more, my symptoms gets worse and I have a lot of pain and am often stuck inside.

I haven't spoken to my doctor about this yet- but I just wondered if anyone had any advise on this? I no absolutely nothing about depression and so, I not sure if anything I describe above sounds like it could be depression? Is depression with Crohns quite common?

Any advice really would be appreciated.

I think it is quite natural to feel down when you get a diagnosis like this. Also the disease itself can make you feel very tired and run down. You are definitely not alone. I am on mild antidepressants, which help a great deal and give me no side effects. It is worth chatting with your Doctor though and asking if he can check your vitamin levels as B12 deficiency can lead to tiredness. Hopefully once you have sorted out some medicine to help your disease, you will begin to feel better as well.

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I remember the day of my diagnosis so well. Walked out thinking "at least it isn't ilieitis or colitis"... I had a little to learn! There are a lot of possible reasons for feeling a little (or a lot) on the blue side. Nutrition certainly can play a part, so I second bld's suggestion to keep your bloodwork well monitored if possible. Start a daily food log - record everything you eat and drink and the time. Each person seems to have different foods that they can and cannot consume, and this will help you figure it all out faster than if you just try to remember. Try to fight the apathy, and if there are any sports, hobbies that you enjoy, try your best to keep up with them even on the days you don't feel 100%. Sometimes starting is the hardest part, and you will feel better once you are underway. There is a lot of good advice here, don't hesitate to ask!

take on board what has been said above, crohns and depression do seem to run together for a lot of people, luckly its just crohns for me ( or unlucky from a different perspective), both conditions can make you feel very tired.

with me i find that i quite often need a hour in the late afternoon, i have learnt not to resist it as it just makes me grumpy which then affects every one.

the food diary is a really good place to start, i done one and soon realised that certain foods give me pain and therefore again makes me want to go to sleep just to get away from it all,
i would certainly get some bloodwork done to check your minerals and vits, ask for a FULL BLOOD COUNT. in the meantime a good multivitamin wouldnt go a miss.

as to depression, my wife has suffered from this condition for many years, she has to sleep much more than normal but will also admit that the sleep is also pattern forming IE she has to go to sleep at the same time every day, she has found that breaking the pattern helps and that going for a snooze about midday or early afternoon pretty much garantees a good nights sleep aswell.

deffinatly work with a doctor on the depression, modern day medication really does help, just remember that when you feel better do NOT stop taking the tablets as depression can hit back very quickly.

best wishes