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Crohn's disease with new hernia

I am having a problem with my stoma. The area around the stoma becomes hard and when the output is going into the bag, there is a lot of pain., Wondering if there is a blockage in that area. Sometimes the pain fills like a knife. For the last 4-5 days, have been mostly on a liquid diet. Has anyone had this kind of problem. I had my surgery 30 years ago at Mayo Clinic (S. Mary's Hospital) and everything has been great, until the last year. About a year ago, I had a blocked intestine which I think was from taking iron pills because I had become anemic. I had to go go to the hospital and have that taken care of. There was a lot of pain then.
This could be constipation as this is usually the case for me. Softeners usually do the trick. However, you might want to consult with your GI or surgeon to determine if this is a more serious issue.