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Crohns FED UP Rant

heres something about myself before I begin my rant.
1) diagnosed with mild CD summer of 2014. History of CD in the family.
2)7 years prior to that diagnosis I was experiencing intense pains. Limited joint movement. Rashes. Swelling in one joint that moved to all localized joints. Sent from one specialist to another ruling out every condition imaginable. Diagnosed with idiopathic pain syndrome. Can't explain my problems but they gave me a stupid title anyway.
3)summer of 2014--intense stomach pains. Frequent washroom trips-- intense arthritis mimicking pains.(same as before) no weight loss but a bit of a weight gain. Not able to eat foods without immediately running to washroom.
4) referred to Gastro doctor. Lots of blood tests done. No high levels of white blood cells. No elevated inflammation levels. All clear. Colonoscopy time and they found CD

had I known that joint issues are common in CD I could have been diagnosed years ago instead of 7 years after suffering immensely. I'm now on Humira and have begun tapering off budesonide. The budesonide really helped if anyone out there is being suggested to go on it. I was strictly on budesonide for about a year and a half being going on Humira. Once the Humira kicked in it's easier to tamper off the steroid.

Recently had my 3rd colonoscopy. Let me start off my saying the prep for it gets worse over time. Someone told me there is a different prep they use that only require 4 ounces of water instead of liters. Feel free to leave that name down below if you know of alternatives. My colonoscopy showed that my Crohn's is in remission. Someone told me remission means flare free but not symptom free. I'm having a hard time accepting that I'm remission when I feel just as miserable as I did in the very beginning. This news reminds me of when I was still seeking a diagnosis years ago and nothing was adding up. I don't understand how someone could be in remission but still feel bad. I don't get why my blood tests never showed high inflammation levels. I could feel it. My ankles are swollen. My big toe is inflamed. Why is it that nothing showed up in blood tests? Why is it that it took 30 plus specialists I saw over the course of 7 years never thought of the possibility of CD.

I literally am frustrated beyond belief. it was nice having a diagnosis for awhile. Before I was trying so hard to find something that would explain a lot and now I feel I'm back at square one. My CD can't be in remission.
Hi. I am sorry you are having so much trouble
I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease 26 years ago. Last year , they did an enterography on me and told me the symptoms I was experiencing was due to ibs. They told me I was in remission. The symptoms continued and at the end of the year they reran the test. This time, they found active disease. Talk everything over with your doctor until you get some concrete answers.