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Crohn's for 2 years, calprotectin low symptoms returned

I have Crohn's for 2 years. Colonoscopy was clear , but when we did capsule endoscopy on the last part of the small intestine 7 small ulcers were found. Current therapy is 6MP. I was doing great for few months , but then all of sudden some symptoms returned (I eat everything even some lactose) . I had semi formed stool light color(brown/yellowish) , not urgency just one day . I have bowel movements every second day. I took probiotic which made things worst. (Bad idea for the probotic because it never worked for me). My calprotectin is the lowest level ever like 19. Usually is 100-200 range.
I will have regular follow up capsule endoscopy in few weeks , but my questions is if anyone had any experience like this.
I have to watch what I eat. Mostly I eat meat, white bread. I was even able to return some weight , but I'm afraid I can go down again if I have to do diet.
Blood results were as well fine, iron at good level , liver counts etc. I have being stressed a bit , maybe it could aggregate my condition.
I have extra gas in the morning. I have to remove coffee as well again.
Hi @petkov

Hope you are doing well. I can suggest is that talk to a dietitian who specialises in Crohn's diet. Crohn's disease exclusion diet is an option. Your gastroenterologist should be able to recommend you one. Your gastroenterologist and dietitian and yourself should be able to formulate a plan that works.

my little penguin

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If your fecal cal is normal
Your blood work is normal
And hopefully your scopes/imaging are normal as well
Typically means crohns is quiet

diet can be different for everyone

The crohns exclusive diet is for when your crohns inflammation is not under control
And you need to use it as adjunct therapy woth EEN when other meds have failed

From your post your only having one semi formed stool a day -correct ?

my kiddo has had “blips”
Where everything is good crohns wise
But his gut still isn’t happy

so sometimes adding boost /peptamen shakes to calm things down
Boiled chicken
Well cooked mushy vegetables
Low fiber

There is the
ibd aid diet
Anti inflammatory diet
Crohns exclusive diet
Paleo diet
Scd diet
Gluten free diet
Milk free diet
Exclusive enteral nutrition diet

depending on the individual
Some help
Some do nothing
Some make things worse

for my child all except exclusive enteral nutrition
Just made him worse or did nothing
He did not try paleo or scd since he is allergic to fish and tree nuts

Hope your imaging scopes are good