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This feature is dedicated to the memory of Beverly Haynes, who was a very special lady we were blessed to have as a member here for some time, before she sadly lost her battle with cancer, in November 2010.

In here you can light a candle, and post a message if you so wish, for anyone who you are worried about, who you feel you'd like to do something positive for, or someone who is no longer with you - not necessarily a member of the forum, but anyone in your life.

The first candle to be lit has to be for Bev -

we will never forget you, Bev. x



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For my very special friend Bev. Forever in my heart and soul.........................

Thank you Ding for creating this thread so we can all have a place to come to remember those special people that have touched our lives.

Dusty. :)


To save time...Ask Dusty!
Will miss you Bev!! Both for your awesome support and your sense of humor.

Julie, I'm very sorry for the loss of both your parents! If you still called him Daddy, he was awesome indeed!! Mine will always be daddy to me!!
To my dad (lost 2 yrs ago Dec. 16th) I love and miss you so much. Life will never be the same without you.

For Bev and her family may you find peace and all my thoughts and prayers.


For Bev and her family, always in my thoughts xxx

For my beautiful Mum, so glamourous and smart, passed 25th May 2010
For my handsome Dad, too young to go, passed 19th August 1998
Both missed so much, but together again, forever
For my special nan
You were like a mum to me and life is not the same without you, I wish I could tell you I finally got a diagnosis of crohns disease coz you always knew something wasn't right. Me an the kids will miss you forever love always Jen x
( happy birthday nan 23rd November )


to my best friends, 3week old baby boy alfie who died yesterday morning.
you will be missed rip sweet boy you are not in pain anymore. xxxxxx
For momma. Sometimes my jaw literally drops because I can't seem to grasp that you are gone.
For Danny- Sunday dinners don't happen anymore now that you're gone....I imagine my mom taking good care of you up there
ps- I hate cancer
For my father-in-law who passed away 5 years ago on this day. I still miss you very much. You always supported me at the Crohn's walk by volunteering your time, was there
for me and Philip after my stroke by taking me to my many appts. when he had to work, made fabulous holiday meals, was greatly loved by the grandkids, and above all treated me as one of your own. I love you very much Pappy. Thank you for raising such a wonderful son....When I look at him and your grandchildren, I see you in them each day. God bless you.


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We are thinking of you Leya

Get well soon little princess

Lots and lots of hugs and kisses, :hug::kiss:



I light a candle for my (our) friend Dusty, who has been there for me right from day one of becoming a member on the forum... I only wish I could offer her half the support she has given me..............
Remembering two very special people in my life my mom (1946-2003) and my sister (1968-2007), there isnt a day I dont remember my time with you on earth. Rest in peace and I will see you again one day.

Miss B and I shared our name, she connected with me immediatly making me feel welcome to the forum. A special dynamic woman, with a big heart. May God bless your soul Miss B, RIP~
Id like to light 2 candles if I could? One in memory of MissB she is obviously missed a great deal here on the forums.

Id also like to light one for a friend, Dustin. He was just 19, we have been friends since preschool and just passed a few short months ago. I cried last night thinking about his family around this time. I cant even imagine. We miss you buddy.
For my princess who has caught swine flu and is very sick... this candle is for you x x x x
Amirah - i hope she recovers soon - my kid got it last winter, was acutely sick for just a few days then the fever broke and she began to get better... i hope it goes as smoothly for your little one. xxx
this candle is for those special people i have lost, and would give so much to be able to hug one more time... i miss you as much today as i did the day we lost you. xxxx​




For my grandpa who's still alive but had a massive stroke and can't move his left side. His story is in the Anything Goes section of the forum. Not only do I hope he regains his mobility but more importantly his happiness and that spark he used to have.

I love you Grandpa!​


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A candle for Roo ~ May your remission last a lifetime.

A candle for Matt ~ I hope more than anything that you gain remission very soon and for you also may it last a lifetime.

A candle for a very special little boy across the way ~ I wish for you what I wish for my own children. A lifetime of health, happiness and peace.

A candle for all the members of this forum ~ I think about you often and feel blessed to be a part of this community.

Dusty. :hug:



One candle for my brother,
who had an emergency resection for a perforated bowel and abcess on January 1, 2011,
and had CPR performed on him twice while on the operating room table as he went into shock.....

One candle for WelshBird,
who also underwent emergency surgery for a stomach bleed.....

One for all the children
who have to go through life with this stupid heart wrenching disease....

And one for the rest for all the wonderful people here on the forum,
those of us suffering and those of us supporting.....
you are all so very special.......
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I light a candle for my brother in law who passed away on New Year's Eve.
...Rob Z. you are missed and SOS at Myrtle Beach will not be the same this year.
I light a candle for my wife's mother, Monica. She went from symptoms to diagnosis to death in two months last year. Lung cancer.
For Peter, my 2 little girls grandad, a typical yorkshireman stoical to the end.
died 1.1.11 after long battle with bladder cancer.
For my dear friend, Bart, who died in my arms at 5:52 this evening after a long and courageous battle with HIV/AIDS and brain cancer. I will always love you. Thank you for being a bright star and bringing such beauty, intelligence, and laughter to my life.
for all the lives lost and for those suffering in the Australia and Brazil floods.. my thoughts are with you all at this terrible time..



This candle is For my baby boy who died at 2weeks old a year today, cuddle your banket and snuggle up untill we are reunited.
sleep peacefull sweet heart, mummy misses you so much and loves you with all her heart.
x x x x


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Oh amirah, I'm so sorry I had no idea.

I hope you don't mind if I light a candle for your little baby boy.

Thinking of you all. Lots of love, :hug:
Dusty xxxxxxxx


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May your candle bring you a speedy recovery and many, many years of happiness and health.

Thinking of you Silver, Amy, Welshy and Gabs.............:ghug:​

Dusty. :)


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Dearest Ian,

May this candle will help lead you out of the darkness and into the light......

Always thinking of you. :hug:
Dusty xxxxxx
I just found out our local ostomy support chapter lost one of its own today.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Jack family. Betty was a great addition to our ostomy family. She had a great sense of humor, a warm smile, and never let her ileostomy get in the way of doing what she wanted in life.

There's one empty chair at our meeting, one less voice laughing, one less member. You may be gone but your spirit lives on. God Speed Betty.

~Gutless Wonderwoman :(


To the over 10, 000 lives lost (and counting) during the monster earthquake/tsunami in Japan

..and to those suffering who are reading this

Bev -- you are often in my thoughts :HUG:


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Janis and I light a candle every evening for the Brave men and women of our combined militaty forces with Prayers that they will come home safe. May you all be Protected and your Families be Strong until you come home.
Hey , i'd like to light a candle for my Daddy who is battling Kidney failure , he's on diaylisis and reaquires a transplant (which my brother is currently being tested to see he is a match) and a candle for my brother James who is so brave and unselfish for doing what he is doing
For James....I'll miss you loads buddy. I'm so sorry that you felt the need to do this, just wish that you had held out and asked for help. Wherever you are, I hope you are free of pain and disease. Keep a seat for me on the 'fun bus'...
Missing you loads already.
Love always xxxx
This feature is dedicated to the memory of Beverly Haynes, who was a very special lady we were blessed to have as a member here for some time, before she sadly lost her battle with cancer, in November 2010.

In here you can light a candle, and post a message if you so wish, for anyone who you are worried about, who you feel you'd like to do something positive for, or someone who is no longer with you - not necessarily a member of the forum, but anyone in your life.

The first candle to be lit has to be for Bev -

we will never forget you, Bev. x

In memory of Beverly Haynes, i never knew you but you're someone special.

Every single person who has Crohn"s. Wish you all peace and health and strength to carry on. Hold your heads up high... you can do it!

Daddy, thankyou for fighting cancer.
Uncle Lance & Uncle Pete, Keep courage and keep fighting cancer.
Oom Thys & Tant Rita, u both are increadible keep faith. (Cancer)
My Brother Mike, you inspire me to get up one more time when i fall down. Your heart is so big. (Heart problems)

My Husband and beautiful Daughters I love you for your courage and faith through the Good Bad and Ugly. :ghug:
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I light a candle for my best friend Amy, who I grew up with and was as close to me as a sister. She lost her battle with cancer last summer aged 23. Love you so much baby girl!!!
I light a candle for my best friend and comforter whenever I wasn't feeling well. Ike was 13 years old and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this past Monday. He was very sick over the weekend but didn't get better. I brought him into the vet with his woobie (a lambskin bear w/felt eyes that he took off) & a crocheted blanket my grandma made him. I held him in my arms until he slipped into a peaceful slumber.

I thanked him for being there for me during all the times I was in pain & needed comfort, someone to hug, laughter, & giving me the strength to get through my stroke and many flares and surgeries. For a Basset, the vet told me I took excellent care of him in spite of his many health issues (diabetes, UC, and neck issues) and he lived well beyond his life expectancy.

I spoiled him with canned carrots, diabetic cookies, body massages, walks, car rides, letting him sit on the couch to look out the window, took him into the bank (we live in a small town) to see the girls, took him into the farm/garden shop to pick out his bones and toys, etc.

I was hospitalized 2 weeks ago for a nasty abscess on my abdomen that had to be drained in the ER (was admitted for 2 days & hooked up to an IV w/antibiotics). Ike was with me 4 days prior as I had a high temp. Once I got home & improved, he didn't want to be alone in the kitchen feeling ill, so I slept on the couch & he passed out on the floor. I was there for him in the end. We were meant for each other as I could relate to his illnesses....that's what everyone would tell me.

Now as I face more tests w/my GI as my surgeon thinks I may have a hidden fistula (I pray not), I am alone on this journey. Ike would be my source of strength & comfort & reason to go on. I really need support right now. Thanks for letting me vent.

~Gutless Wonder woman


I light a candle for Andrea too, hoping she's sound asleep, pain free and on the road to good health. xxx
I light a candle for my brave Mum, one year has passed, forever in my heart, I miss you
I light another candle for Andrea. Let it shine brightly like she does, and herald light at the end of this dark tunnel.
Helen xxx


For Andrea, again. Battle as long as you can sweet girl. But if you lose that battle, know you will still be among friends. Always.


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A candle of love, hope, and peace for you Welshy...

We hold you in our hands and our hearts mate. You are very much loved and never forgotten...

Dusty. :Karl:
I light a candle for Littlemissh and hope she has a very speedy recovery! xxxxxxxx

I also light a candle once again for Amy, who died a year ago on sunday. Love you lots chucky ducky. xxxxxxxx


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A candle for Welshy. I walk beside you mate so that I might lighten the load even a little. Infinity and Beyond.

A candle for Silver. Thinking of you buddy and hoping that you have turned a corner. Onwards and Upwards.

A candle for T. Wishing you all the luck in the world for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I so hope you find the answers you seek.
A candle for two special little 'uns, Matt and Ella. Sending you special squishy but gentle hugs. May you find peace and relief and be on your way home very soon.​

Much love, :Karl:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx​
I'm lighting a candle for AJ, my neighbour and friend, who died last night. Seven days after his 70th birthday. Sleep tight, Allan James and may God bless you and watch over Florence and the family. Xxxxxxxx
Here is a candle for my 5 year old cousin who battle cancer since the age of 2(a stage 4 brain tumor which metastized and moved to his lungs) He passed in January with his brother, mom and dad by his side. He's always in my thoughts...the strongest little boy I've ever known!

Hi lost my brother 15 years ago due to a fire at his house i like to take this time in remembering his memory i miss him very much he was a inspiration to my life and i miss him very much. best wish to all.
This candle I light for my husband, who is in the dark, often frightened and unable to verbalize the emotional pain he feels for me. May the Light that shines so bright in others, touch his soul and bring him peace.


Today I would like to light a candle for my wonderful and amazing dad who this morning at 9:15 passed away. He had a massive heart attack so didn't feel any pain. The ambulance crew and hospital were amazing and tried so hard to bring you back to us. We will always miss you, one thing dad "monty monty" xxxxxx


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For a dear sweet little boy, Matt, and his family...Nic, Dan and Ella...

We understand the dark and difficult days you now find yourselves in. We understand the silence and the absence. We understand the fear and uncertainty. We are here for any day, any time.

Rest in peace darling little Matt. An angel with the angels...

Dusty. :heart:​


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To our dear friend Welshy​

We know you are facing difficult times, just know we are beside you every step of the way.
You are foremost in our prayers and wishes mate and always will be.​

Much love, Dusty. :Karl:
This candle is for Marc, my husbands best friend and coworker, who took his own life on Jan 6th. Marc you are truly loved and will be greatly missed. You were the funniest person I have ever met. Rest in peace Marc!



I like to light a candle today in memory of my friend Katy, who died Sunday after a short battle with a vicious type of breast cancer. The cancer was so spread out and affected the heart and caused cracks in her spine. The doctors didn't even know what to tackle first and she decided to stop all treatment on Saturday ... by Sunday morning she was gone!
I regret not having been in touch due to idiotic circumstances and will miss her dearly!
Here's to you, Katy ... I know your spririt will always be with me and I will miss your witty remarks and your sarcasm that was always spot on and caused a lot of laughter in what we called "Monster Meetings" on your back porch.
Love you lots .. :rosette2:


Best of British
My first for Emma, she suffered from crohn's but died from a clot in the brain. I said goodbye at Christmas 2005 and never saw her again.

My second for the residents who have passed away in the nursing home I work at. I've seen a lot but it never gets easier. Maybe it is not meant to.

My third for John and Peter, two separate years, two separate freak accidents, two brothers. Always missed by so many. Also for their parents, left without their only children.
For Doctor Jenny. I pray for strength for you and your family as you fight cancer and for the knowledge, skill and compassion of your doctors. May they treat you with the same understanding and excellence of care that you have given to the children entrusted in your care.



I light a candle for a family friend
who was one of my greatest supports through university
and life away from my family.
She passed away on Sunday.

And I... I was so busy with "life"
when I was in her 'neck of the woods'
just a few weeks ago that I never stopped by
to even say "Hi"....... :( :( :(

PLEASE always remember
to take the time to tell someone
you are thinking of them....
you never know when it's going to be too late.......


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{{{HUGS}}} to you Silver. I know you will always carry your friend in your heart and soul and she knows that too mate. {{{HUGS}}}

Thinking of you, always. :heart:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
For my daughter's friend who took his life last night. So young and gone too soon. You were a shining light in everyone's life who knew you. May you find the peace in heaven!
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For my Mom, Carmella, who fought like a demon against her ovarian cancer. As I now too have a progressive organic disease, I know that you will be watching over me as I also fight like a demon. Thank you for showing me that life is worth living and certainly worth fighting for.
Always, your loving daughter thru all eternity - C
For all candles that have been lit in this forum, I send a special prayer. Even though I've never met these loved ones, they are touching my life right now. My thoughts go out to all of you and their memories.
For Evan. My daughter's 13 year old little friend, who just lost his fight against leukemia. His dad said that as he lay there towards the end with his eyes closed, he would ask him, "where are you?", and he would say "in school with my friends". I hope you saw us from heaven laying in the formation of your name on the football field. We will never forget you. May your soul rest in peace, and your family find comfort in the end of your suffering.
For John it is not the same without you we all miss you dearly it's not the same. Can't believe somebody done this too you:( I think of you everyday it's so hard too get thru knowing your no longer with us:( but we will meet again someday for now I know your looking down on us colleagues making sure we do it right. We miss you John always will until we meet again xxxxxxxxx
For my 4 year old niece tragically lost in a boating accident.
Please give strength to her mum and dad and brother.
I know she is smiling down from heaven with her grandad and great grandies.
She is greatly loved and will be remembered forever.
xxx love Aunty Jano xxx
I am writing to tell of the passing of Cindy, known to this site as (CKT). I met her one day on the Crohns Forum and we became bonded instantly. It was like I had known her all of my life. I think she just made everyone feel that way.

I believe we brought great comfort to each other during the time we had. She was very loving and made me and many others laugh at her and ourselves at very hard times... thank-you Cindy.:hug:


Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear of Cindy's passing. Cindy was a lovely lady and very inspiring. Too young to go. Rest in peace sweet lady.

Crohn's Mom

My heart is saddened to hear of the loss of one of our Crohn's Forum family members.

Rest in Peace Cindy ~ I'm sorry we never got the chance to know one another.



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Oh my, I am so very sorry and saddened to hear of Cindy's passing.

Cindy has touched many a heart and will be sorely missed. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to her family, loved ones and friends. :hug:

Dusty. xxx
Happy birthday for tomorrow John :(:( still can't believe your not here to celebrate it:(:( hope your having fun up there. Hope they get what they deserve only time will tell. We still miss you dearly. I miss your laughs and jokes:(:(:( xx


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For all the little children and those affected by the losses in Connecticut today.

May you all find peace, strength and light. :Karl:

Dusty. xxx​
For my Grandad who lost his life three yrs ago today. Miss you so much and love you so much what I would to see you again:(:(:( Xmas is not the same without you. I miss all the fun times we had together most of all I miss you:(:( there's a void which can't be replaced:( apart of me went with you grandad. I won't ever get this:( I know your looking down on us till we meet again and never be parted again. Xxxxxxxxxx


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Baby Elise passed away today, Christmas day. I am not only lighting a candle for her, but for her family.
In Memory of Chris Cook. We went to high school together. He would have been 40 years old yesterday and lost his life to crohn's disease in May 2011.
I light a candle for my sister Debbie who died ten yrs. ago. We shared our first apartment together and so much more. I will never stop loving you or missing you Deb! I adored you....


I light candle for Tim V the first person knew with Crohn's. For few short months Tim was a Crohnie. Tim losted his battle 10 years ago.

Forever in our hearts. Forever 8.
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A candle prayer for my friend Chuck who is fighting colon cancer and in a lot of pain - he and his wife need lots of prayers and comfort.

A candle prayer for my family members that we are all missing so dearly!! Granny Jewel, Grandma Roxie, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Helen, Grandpa Raymond, Aunt Wanda, Uncle Joy, Uncle Randy and so many others.

A candle prayer for Alisa's grandpa Pete who passed away over the week-end.

A candle prayer for all those with Crohns' and who suffer - praying for a cure!

God Bless,


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I just found out my grandma passed away, not sure how to feel or handle my emotions right now
I just found out my grandma passed away, not sure how to feel or handle my emotions right now
I am so,so sorry! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am terrified of losing mine. She is 95, soon to be 96. Love her like a mother. Hope you are ok hun!!!:heart::heart:
I just found out that our fellow, dearly, beloved Jbug has passed away. She slipped into a coma! She was such a bright light in our lives and so special. God took her home. Plz pray for her husband and family and all of us who loved her! I light the brightest candle I can find for you BUG! I love you!!!:heart::heart::heart:

For those of you who knew Jbug:heart:, plz go to her profile page and write a small tribute to her. She would love that.:heart:
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Well John it's 5 months since you passed and your killer has denied murdering you :-:)-:)-( the scum can't believe he done that can't believe he killed you either he's going on trail march 4th and it's expected to last three weeks. It's hard for us colleagues to get through can't imagine how your family feel:-:)-( :-(;-( it's all so hard for us to get through. I know you wouldn't want us to be sad but it's really difficult especially as you were private and everyone loved you. You wouldn't hurt a fly I just can't get my head around why this has happened. So many unanswered questions I need strength John and I haven't got it. It's getting harder and harder each passing day. We miss you and think of you everyday miss your jokes. Love all of your colleagues


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Poor jbug. She will be missed. She was such a sweetheart :(

My heart goes out to her entire family.


*goes off to kick something*
For JBug, a special candle for a special woman. Your joy, sense of fun and ethic of care will be missed.


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Oh my goodness, I can scarcely believe what I am reading. :(:(:(

JBug, I light this candle for you and hope with all my heart that you have found lasting peace and happiness. You are much loved and are greatly missed by all those whose lives you touched but your spirit will live on in our hearts and souls. RIP little Bug. :heart:

Dusty. xxx